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Aenarion and Indraugnir.

Indraugnir was a dragon who befriended Aenarion, first Phoenix King of the High Elves, and offered to carry Aenarion on his back into battle.


Indraugnir was "of silver and blue hide", and was said to have been "older even than the elves, the greatest creature ever to have flown the skies of Ulthuan".[1a] He was the largest of the dragons that fought at Caethrin Gorge.

Early life

Indraugnir was alive when the Old Ones first came to the Warhammer world. In those days Indraugnir was already a great lord among the dragons. When the Slanns reshaped the earth, Indraugnir cautioned his fellow dragons to hide in their cavern homes lest the Old Ones destroy them.[2a][2b]

With Aenarion

Indraugnir agreed to become Aenarion's steed in -4499 IC, the second year of Aenarion's reign.[3b]

After daemons had slain Everqueen Astarielle, Indraugnir agreed to carry Aenarion to the Altar of Khaine on the Blighted Isle that Aenarion might claim the Sword of Khaine.[1b] On the way, Indraugnir cautioned Aenarion against this course and urged him to reconsider whether he truly wished to bring down doom upon himself by drawing the Sword of Khaine. Aenarion paused to consider this. Ultimately Aenarion decided to push on, to which Indraugnir acquiesced.[1c] It is notable that while Aenarion immediately brushed aside the warnings of Caledor Dragontamer, Eoloran Anar, the messengers of the four Chaos Gods and even the ghost of Astarielle, Indraugnir's cautions alone caused Aenarion to pause and think.

Indraugnir fought alongside Aenarion in their final battle, holding off the daemons while Caledor Dragontamer created the Vortex. The two fought against four Greater Daemons (one for each Chaos God) and slew them, but were mortally wounded. As his last act, Indraugnir carried Aenarion back to the Altar of Khaine to return the Sword of Khaine. Here they both died.[3a][4]


Indraugnir had a son, Maedrethnir, who would later serve Phoenix King Caledor I as his mount.[2b]

The dragonship Indraugnir was named after him.