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The Infernal Castellan is a officer of the Infernal Guard of the Chaos Dwarfs. [1a]

A castellan is merciless in his drilling of guard at the Black Fortress. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 8th Edition: Blackshard Armour, Hand Weapon. May have Fireglaive, Great Weapon, Pistol and Shield. May have Magic Items. May be Battle Standard Bearer. [1b]
  • Blackshard Armour: Strong in battle, it is also extermely resistant to fire and heat and can even be worn by Wizards without affecting their ability to use magic. [1a]
  • Ensorcelled Hand Weapon: Hammers and blades with magic runes of death and torment. [1a]
  • Fireglaive: Exotic and complex handguns, they are expensive and difficult to create, and are consequently only used in combat by certain units of Infernal Guard and by Daemonsmiths. It is equiped with with a single axe blade enabling it to be used effectively like a Halberd. [1a]


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