Infernal Guard

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Member of the Infernal Guard

The Infernal Guard are a Chaos Dwarf warrior cult within the the Black Fortress. [1a]

Chaos Dwarfs who are stained with dishonour or failure may seek redemption within the ranks of the guard where they are led by brutal Castellans and constantly drilled. [1a]

Infernal Ironsworn

The elite amongst the Guard form the Infernal Ironsworn who protect the Sorcerer-Prophets that command the Legion of Azgorh. [1a] They wield a variety of axes, warhammers, and shields in combat.[2]


Members of the cult swear to defend the fortress until death and to carry out the will of its lord without question. The names of a member of the gaurd are removed as are their ties to any kin and they have their faces sealed behind a iron mask. Should they achieve great glory, these masks can be removed, revealing the scared and seared flesh beneath. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 8th Edition: Infernal Guard: Blackshard Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield. May have Fireglaive, Great Weapon, Hailshot Blunderbuss, May have Deathmask, Musician and Standard Bearer. Deathmask may have Naptha Bomb, Pistol. May have Magical Standard. [1b]
  • 8th Edition: Infernal Ironsworn: Blackshard Armour, Ensorcelled Hand Weapon, Shield. May have Deathmask, Musician and Standard Bearer. May have Magical Standard. [1b]
  • Blackshard Armour: Strong in battle, it is also extermely resistant to fire and heat and can even be worn by Wizards without affecting their ability to use magic. [1a]
  • Ensorcelled Hand Weapon: Hammers and blades with magic runes of death and torment. [1a]
  • Fireglaive: Exotic and complex handguns, they are expensive and difficult to create, and are consequently only used in combat by certain units of Infernal Guard and by Daemonsmiths. [2] It is equiped with with a single axe blade enabling it to be used effectively like a Halberd. [1a]




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