Iron Company (novel)

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Iron Company
Author(s) Chris Wraight
Released 2009
ISBN 978-1844167791
Preceded by Reiksguard
Followed by Call to Arms

Iron Company is the second novel in Black Library's series focusing on the armies of The Empire. It was written by Chris Wraight and published in 2009, and re-published as part of the omnibus The Empire.

This page contains spoilers for: Iron Company (novel)

Cover Description

Engineers create the most experimental weapons in the Empire. Dealing with the firepower of war machines is an unpredictable and dirty business, and Engineer Magnus Ironblood thought he was done with it. Lured out of retirement for one final campaign, he makes his way once again on the field of battle, working alongside some unlikely allies. Sent as part of an Imperial force to bring to heel secessionist forces, the army finds itself outgunned, and must dig deep into its reserves of courage and ingenuity to survive. However, it isn't long until Magnus sees the work of his old nemesis on the battlefield. For him, things are about to get personal.

Plot Synopsis

In Hergig, Magnus Ironblood is doing what he does every night - getting drunk on the cheapest beer he can afford - when he is approached by an envoy of Count Ludenhof, who is raising an army to march north. A minor noblewoman, Margravine Anna-Louisa von Kleister, has refused to pay her region's taxes and ignored Count Ludenhof's summons to the capital. After word was received that she decamped to a stronghold in the mountains, an army was sent to bring her to heel, but never returned, so a new one is being raised. Knowing that the army will need artillery to breach the fortress's walls, the Count is offering Magnus a commission - in spite of his dissolute condition, his name still carries some weight. Since he is dead broke, Magnus reluctantly accepts.

With the permission of the army's commander, General von Scharnhorst, Magnus recruits a small staff to assist him - his old comrade Tobias Hildebrandt, Tilean gunnery expert Silvio Messina, Messina's apprentice Lukas, a teenager from Averland, and a dwarf named Thorgad Grimgarsson who presents himself in Magnus's quarters, offering his services for free in exchange for the chance to enter the fortress. Though he refuses to say why he needs to get inside, Thorgad warns Magnus that the expedition is already starting out badly - the citadel, Morgrimgar, is built on the foundations of a dwarven keep, and will be hard to breach. Worse, both Magnus and Hildebrandt can see that the army setting out from Hergig is smaller and less well-equipped than the one lost in the mountains.