Iron Daemon War Machine

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A Iron Daemon

The Iron Daemon War Machine is a powerful vehicle and war engine of the Chaos Dwarfs. [1a]

A powerful but relatively compact steam powered traction engine that can act not only as a formidable war engine in its own right, but can also haul heavy weapons and ammunition or fuel to and from the battlefield. [1a]


A number of these machines had already proved themselves in service to the Legion of Azgorh at the Black Fortress and some were part of the force that Lord Drazhoath took to accompany the legion when it joined Tamurkhan in invading the Border Princes and then the Empire. Drazhoath was keen to match the technology of the Chaos Dwarfs against that of the Empire and they would indeed be given a chance to prove themelves. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

In battle may haul several carriages and these may be powerful war machines in their own right. [1a]

  • 8th Edition: Armour Plating, Steam Cannonade. May be Hellbound, may replace Cannonade with Skullcracker. [1c]
  • Hellbound: Some of these engines have actual Daemons bound to them making them more deadly, resiliant but also rebellious. [1b]
  • Skullcracker: A mass of brutal picks, hammers and blades desigend to shred and pulverise anything before it. [1a]
  • Steam Cannonade: A twin barrelled cannon that can use the fury of the furnace to fire shrapnel and shot into any ememy that bars its path. [1a]




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