Iron Golem

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Iron Golem are worshippers of Chaos whose stronghold is in the Ferrium Mountains in the Realm of Chamon.[1a]

They favour heavy plate armour and carry weapons that in turn crumple and penetrate the toughest armour such as spine-crusher mauls - crafted with spikes on the striking surface of the hammer to maximise the power of the strike.[1c]


Metal is eternal but flesh is impermanent, unable to reshaped through the sacred foging fires. Enemies who are defeated are taken to the flames, heaped upon great pyres - their armour and weapons melted to become obelisks. [1a]

They believe that they are chosen to create weapons for Archaon and his numberless hordes, [1a] trading with many Chaos aligned kingdoms who recognise the quality of their work.[1d]


Their ancestors enslaved the Sun Dragon Axrantahos within their mountain and which still is harnessed for its magama blasts that power their forges.[1a][1d]

The Ash War: In the Age of Sigmar the dragon broke free of is bindings and there is a fearsome battle to recapture it. [1d]


Onx Fist: The Dreadhold sronghold built over an active volcano, [1a] with a vast forge complex that constructs large numbers of weapons and armour with the branded serf class and prisoners providing the basic labour. It is guarded by the Onyx Guard. [1d]




Captains of the Iron Legion who are masters of battle and strategy. They wield two-handed spinecrusher mauls.[2]

Ogor Breacher

Captured Ogors that are encased in metal plate and driven half-mad with hunger to be released against the enemy in battle.[2]


Sandard bearers of the Iron Golems who roar battle-oaths while swinging bone-breaking hammers.[2]


Feared warriors who maintain discipline through brutality and intimidation.[2]


Veterans who have survived scores of brutal campaigns. It is their duty to seek out and pulverise enemy champions with their spinecrusher mauls.[2]


The warsmiths that craft the Iron Golems’ weapons and armour. In battle, they swing their spiked hammers with a strength honed by the forge.[2]

Iron Legionary

Shielded warriors that form the backbone of the Iron Legion. In battle they form a wedge of metal that grinds relentlessly over the enemy till they are crushed.[2]



We create War.[1a] War is upon you, Vermin! Death is here.

~Macer Koltrech [1b]

Not so eager with a shattered leg, are we?.[1c]