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The Ironclaw are an Orc tribe situated between Blood River and the Howling River in the Badlands. They also occupy the fort of Iron Rock. They are most famous for their warboss, Gorbad Ironclaw, who is often seen as the greatest warboss who ever lived.

Under the leadership of Gorbad, the tribe first took over many different Greenskin tribes, among them the Broken Tooth Tribe. The Waaagh! gathered and travelled through Black Fire Pass into the Empire. They looted the Moot and the cities of Averheim and Nuln. They plundered Solland and Wissenland, and continued northward, towards Altdorf. After two desperate charges, they were forced to start a long siege, during which many Greenskins deserted, leaving the Ironclaw and Broken Tooth as the only remaining tribes of the Waaagh!. Gorbad admitted defeat and started the journey home. On the way the Orcs were confronted at Blood Peak by a dwarf army from Karaz-a-Karak. The exact fate of Gorbad is unknown.[1]


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