Ironskin Tribe

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The Ironskin Tribe are an Ogre Tribe of the Ogre Kingdoms. [1a][2a]

They have a strong trading relationship with the Chaos Dwarfs of Zharr Naggrund, seeking iron rather than gold. [1a] They launch attacks into the lands of others, grabbing as many captives as they can, marching them to their home in the western Mountains of Mourn. [2a]


In 2211 IC, during the Great Gnoblar Purge the Ironskin Tribe held a contest to unleash the most destruction. It was Bhograt Seven-bellies who first used a salvaged Sky-Titan cannon mounted on a Rhinox on the gnoblar tunnel town, destroying it in one glorious explosion, creating the first Ironblaster. His Tyrant even allowed him to sit beside him at the feast to celebrate the eradication of the Gnoblars. [2b]

Ironskin Army

The tribe is unusual in its battle organisation:


Rhinox Riders

Since their Tryant, Ghark Ironskin broke a Rhinox into being his mount, young bulls of the tribe use secret techniques to emulate their leader and so almost all of the powerful Rhinox Riders are from the Ironskin Tribe, although many roam the world as Mercenaries for hire. [3a]



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