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Ironweld Arsenal is a faction of human and duardin smiths that make marvellous war machines and ingenious clockwork marvels.[1]


Azyrheim has many vast factory complexes and prosperous workshops in which the weapons of war and engines of peace are crafted. The Ironweld Arsenal creates technological marvels such as Steam Tanks, Gyrocopters and cannons, many many cannons - they now line the keeps and walls of the new cities in the Mortal Realms as well equipping the armies of liberation.[1]


Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar finally reopened the gates and whenever the Stormcast conquered a Realmgate the Lords-Castellant would man it while the Ironweld and the Dispossessed build fortified towns, which would later grow into free cities, making sure the new cities have firm foundations.[3a]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Claudio Herzborg Ironweld Arsenal Gunmaster Human Senior Gunmaster in the city of Excelsis and a scion of the ancient Houses of Thunder.
Owain Volker Ironweld Arsenal Gunmaster Human Tasked by Grungni with the search for the Eight Lamentations.
Jorik Grunndrak Ironweld Arsenal Master Duardin The Master of the Arsenal and the most senior of its members in Excelsis.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Cannon Ironweld Arsenal Order Warscroll
Grimm Burloksson.jpg
Cogsmith Ironweld Arsenal Order Warscroll
Gunsmith M01.jpeg
Gunmaster Ironweld Arsenal Order Warscroll
Gyrobomber M01.jpg
Gyrobomber Ironweld Arsenal Order Warscroll
Gyrocopter M01.jpg
Gyrocopter Ironweld Arsenal Order Warscroll
Helblaster M01.jpeg
Helblaster Volley Gun Ironweld Arsenal Order Warscroll
Helstorm M01.jpeg
Helstorm Rocket Battery Ironweld Arsenal Order Warscroll
Organ Gun Ironweld Arsenal Order Warscroll
Steam Tank Ironweld Arsenal Order Warscroll

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