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Isengrim of the Red Reef, Khorneson led a Bloodbound warband into the ruins of the city of Shadespire.[1]


He was born on a shore of the Sunset Sea into a tribe of fishermen, hunters and raiders. He took his first head at eight and had a necklace of fallen enemies ears by the time he reached ten turns of the season. He was still young when th Reef-lords came to enslave his tribe, worshippers of a huge androgynous creature that fed on the milk of women and cattle. He killed the beast and released the captives who slaughtered the reef-people until the waters and coral went red, gaining him his name. [1c]


Here was a brave one, and Khorne shall welcome his skull. If he returns, I shall kill him again, or he shall kill me. It matters not, so long as our blood flows. I commend his skull, and my own, to Khorne. Who will join me



He led nearly thirty warriors into the city as well as the chained witch Hthara. [1a]


  • Isengrim of the Red Reef
  • Hthara: A chained witch who claimed to have seen Khorne in all his glory and tore her eyes out in pennance and as a sacrifice. [1a]
  • Morgash: Considered himself his leaders champion and rival, was killed by Isengrim as a sacrifice. [1a]
  • Urok: Second-in-command.[1a]