Jerech Blue Skies

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The Jerech Blue Skies is a Freeguild regiment from the city of Jercho.[2a]

The largest and oldest regiment in the service of Hamilcar Bear-Eater when he commanded the Seven Words.[2a]


For Hamilcar! For Sigmar and the Seven Words - Hamilcar was pleased his name came first![2b]


Since Hamilcar had taken their city in Sigmar's name [1] they had served him loyally fighting in the Sea of Bones, the drakwolds of the Realm of Shyish and back into their home Realm for the Gorkoman campaigns. [2a]

They were at his side when he fought the Battle of Kurzog's Hill, many of them dying there. [2a]

Notable Members


Although they also recruited from the lands they crossed and fought over, their elite units and officers still come from their homeland. [2a]

Weapons and equipment

They use swords and other weapons made from quartz. [2a]


I don't ever expect to see Jercho again, lord. Our home is where you say it is, and we're ready to die for it.

~Hamuz el-Shaah to Hamilcar.[2a]