Juggo Joriksonn

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Juggo Joriksonn

Juggo Joriksonn is a Norse Dwarf Berserker living in Lustria. [1a]


He is in the habit of dyeing his hair torquiose and greasing it with pig fat which means it sticks out at surprising angles whilst his most striking feature is his sunken, bloodshot eyes and his awful complexion. [1a]


He was part of an expedition from Skeggi that attempted to chart a way into the foothills of the Grey Guardians which was attacked by Saurus. He was one of the seven survivors that fought their way clear and returned to Skeggi. [2a]

In Lustria he joined the crew of one Erisch Hamstringsonn, a well known raider, they plundered successfully until they were confronted by a substanial force and most were killed with only a few including Juggo escaping on a longboat. When it drifted down river into a Norse village, all the survivors were unconscious from poisoned blow darts with only Juggo surviving to recover consciousness. [1a]

Although he sent most of the treaure to the relatives of his leader, he still had enough to go on a now legendary drinking binge for the next year and a half. [1a]

Once the money ran out he joined the crew of the river boat of Sven Hasselfriesian, the Voltsvagn. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 2nd Edition: He wields a two-handed Battle Axe. [1a]


Erm, you couldn't buy me a drink, could you? I think I've left all my money in my other trousers. I'll be able to buy you one back the next time I see you

~ Juggo Joriksonn.[1a]


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