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Ka-Sabar, the City of Bronze was a major settlement of ancient Nehekhara. [1a]

The warriors of the city had a formidable reputation [1a] and were known as the Bronze Host. [1b]


In -1750 IC Akhmen-hotep was defeated by the forces of Nagash at the Battle of Oasis of Zedri. [1d] and spent the next six years rebuiling the army after Nagash unleashed a plague across the lands of his enemies. [1e]

By -1744 IC, Ka-Sabar had for centuries, been known as an industrial city, making its wealth from mining copper and forging bronze tools, weapons and armour for itself and export. Nebunfer asked Akhmen-hotep to attack Bel-Aliad on the other side of the Great Desert to draw attention from the armies of Lybaras and Rasetra who marching to reinforce Quatar, which the king agreed to do, despite the risks. [1e]

The Bronze Host marched across the Great Desert, guided by refugee horsemen from Bhagar [1e] and defeated Prince Suhedir al-Khazem of Bel-Aliad at the Battle of the Spice Road. [1f] However the dead arose and attacked the living, forcing the king and his host to retreat into the desert. [1g] During the long retreat, the army was reduced to a starving, thirsty shadow of its former self and Akhmen-Hotep was stabbed in the back and killed by his Grand Hierophant Memnet who had pledged himself to Nagash. [1h]

Teremun was king in -1597 when Neferata claimed the throne of Lahmia and he travelled to greet her with gifts, athough his delegation, like that of Zandri was plagued by bandits on their journey. [2a]

When in -1200 IC, Alcadizzar united the cities against Lahmia, King Aten-sefu led the Iron Legion - 15,000 heavily armoured spearmen and 4000 archers to join the Siege of Lahmia. [3a]

As part of the reconstruction of Nehekhara over the next few decades, Alcadizzar improves education, roads and othe infrastructure. Forges are created at Ka-Sabar to create magical weapons and armour in preperation for the return of Nagash. [3b] A Grand Strategy is devised to ensure that the forces of Nehekhara can defeat the dead. [3c]

In -1163 IC with the news that Nagash had sent a vast invasion force to destroy Nehekhara, their army assembles with the army of Rasetra and marches to its designated assembly point. [3c] They faced a vast horde at the Battle on the Lybaras Road and although defeated managed to withdraw in good order. [3d]


  • Royal Palace: Located at the centreof the city. [1e]
    • Council Chamber: It sits atop the palace and has no walls, just columns which meant that the ruler of the city could look across the breadth and depth of their realm. Sand and grit often blows round the columns, reminding all of their divine patron. [1e]


The city used bronze armoured chariots which are better protected and heavier than those of other Nehekharan cities. [1c]



The cities patron diety was Geheb, Giver of Strength, God of the Earth. [1a]



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