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Kaldor was the eldest son of the High Elf Prince Melenar of House Coraith in the reign of Finubar. [1a]

He was named for the star of the night on which he was born. [1a]


He was the oldest of the twin sons born to Melenar and his wife on the night of Khaine and as was custom, the oracle of the Gaen Vale sought to determine their fate, declaring that they would not suffer a violent death, unless it be at the hands of the other sibling. Lord Melenar saw no danger in this and decreed that each brother would receive one of his two heirloom swords when they came of age. [1a]

Kaldor grew up to become renowned as a warrior, horseman, archer and hunter often leading soldiers in skirmishes in the Shadowlands, fighting Dark Elves and even slaying a Chimera that had been stalking the plains. Although some claimed he was moody, merciless and quick tempered, his skills were much needed and praised by his peers. [1a]

Much to his anger, his younger brother Calaidan who was named heir and this grew over the following years until finally he could stand it no longer and deserted Ulthuan with a few trusted followers. He set sail for Naggaroth, the Land of Chill, seeking an audience with the Witch King himself when he landed at Karond Kar. [1a]

Malekith had arrived at the city to discover why the war in the Shadowlands was going so badly and quickly saw the value in the renegade noble. He accepted his offer of allegiance, knowing that Kaledor was familiar with the defences of the land but first he required that the elf be trained as one his own court, ignoring the suggestions that he be tortured to death instead. For fifty years Kaledor studied under Master Assassins and even impressed the Witch King with his growing skills in warfare and cruelty. [1a]

Fifty years later when Melenar died from Dark Elf poison and Calaidan became lord of House Coraith, Malekith declared that the time had come for Kaledor to claim his lands. The Black Ark Harbinger of Pain and its crew were his to command, giving him a powerful force to invade the Shadowlands. [1a]

Arriving at Ulthuan, the ark cloaked from the High Elves by magic, [1a] he first ordered a force to destroy the great beacon at Athel Maranth which guided ships in the northern ocean. He first dispatched small raiding parties and then the captain of the Ark, Mortharor sent Helldrakes with large numbers of Corsairs against the lighthouse itself but the leader of the nearby High Elves, Kelendar was not fooled and mustered at Athel Maranth where he met them in battle. [1b]

Knowing the secret ways of the shadowlands, Kaledor launched attacks on the normally hidden camps of the Shadow Warriors with forces led by the Master Assassin of Karond Kar, Caldath the black. However despite their stealth, they were spotted by the Great Eagle Khaltar the Wind Lord who alerted the Shadow Warriors just in time. Alatar, the Prince of Shadows rallied his warriors and the Dark Elves found themselves confronted by a grim and determined enemy. [1c]

Kaledor himself led his followers towards the hidden mansion of his House in the Hills of Dusk, knowing the passwords to penetrate its shielding spells and open the magical gate that defended its entrance. At his command, Shades murdered the guards and opened the way to the hidden vale using the three words of power. He was confronted by Imrallion, the Captain of Eagle Pass who formed his warriors in a doomed shield wall against the invaders to buy time for their families to escape. [1d]

The prolonged and defiant defence of Eagle Pass delayed him long enough for his brother to gather further forces at the family mansion including White Lions, leant to him by Finubar. There the two forces met in a brutal battle, as Kaldor chanelled fifty years of hatred, leading a bloodthirsty army against the gathered defenders. [1e] As the battle began, the massed archers were ineffective and the bolt thrower crews were wiped out by Harpies, shortly after the Swordmasters fell victim to the Witch Elves and the Silver Helms to the Cold One knights. [1f]

As Calaidan faced defeat, he challenged his brother to single combat, an offer which was gleefully accepted. They fought for an hour before the younger twin was victorious, holding both Runeswords high to show both sides. [1f]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Doomsinger: Ancient runesword with a Tear of Isha which boosts his physical prowess. [1g]


So now you know, brother. You should never have cheated me out of my birthright!

~ Kaldor to Calaidan.[1]


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