Karak Vlag

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A map of the Worlds Edge Mountains. Karak Vlag is on the right hand side, towards the top.

Karak Vlag was a Dwarf hold in the northern tip of the Worlds Edge Mountains.[1] It was attacked by the Daemonic Hordes of the Chaos God Slaanesh, and every Dwarf inside was enslaved for eternity in the Realm of Chaos.[2]

However, Anarbarziz, the nephew of the King, and most of his clan had been away, fighting Goblins to the east. When they returned they discovered that the hold had vanished and the stench of Chaos was in the air. Fearing further attack, they marched southwards to gather reinforcements.[2]

Unfortunately for them, the Keeper of Secrets Amin'Hrith, otherwise known as the Soulflayer, observed them from the Palace of Pleasure and began the Hunt of the Vlagians.[2] Eventually they were trapped by two Daemon Armies at the Battle of Death Canyon and were all killed. As a result, the other Dwarf holds will never know what befell Karak Vlag - knowing only that contact was lost and no trace of the hold was ever found.[2]

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