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Karond Kar (meaning the tower of despair) is a port city, and one of the six cities of Naggaroth, the realm of the Dark Elves. [4a]

The settlement is known as the city of despair throughout the world, is where most of the captives are brought following a slave raid. It is the main home of the Corsairs and cut-throats that feed on the despair of other races and so is also known as Slaver's Gate.[4a]


A Dark Elf child who has a talent for taming animals will be sent to the city to learn from the masters of the craft who dwell there. As well as commanding beasts they learn to manage the slave stock of humans, Orcs and other races, becoming experts in getting the best from such creatures. [2b]

Contest of Claws

There is great rivalry between the Beastmasters of the city and those of Clar Karond and this comes to a height in the annual Contest of Claws with beastmasters from each city competing directly against each other. All kinds of tactics and creatures are used both during the battle and before with assassinations not being uncommon. [4b]


Exposed to the elements, it is constantly battered by gale force winds and suffers the deluge of icy rain. [2c]

Karond Kar is a particularly appalling sight when seen from the sea as those slaves who are caught trying to escape are hung from the walls, their limp bodies enchanted to live out their last few hours on this earth forever. Thus the city is called the Tower of Despair because of the horrible wails that sound from inside the dark walls.[2c]


Many dwell in the city where they are a sign of good fortune as they soar above its towers - it is said if they ever left the city, it would fall to enemies within ninty days. [2a])


It was founded in -2106 IC in the eastern wilderness of Naggaroth. [3a]

In 2379, Corsairs from the city are shipwrecked near Sartosa, they join the crews of several vessels to raid Luccini and Remas but are later enslaved by the pirates.[3b]


  • Slave Markets: Because of its reputation as a city of thieves, Karond Kar houses some of the largest slave markets in Naggaroth. Crowds often gather to watch the latest influx of hapless creatures bound for the markets. [1a][2c]


Many slaves die on the journey to the city, tortured to death by the crews of the raiders, suffocated in the foul holds or sacrifced to Khaine. [1a][2c]

Those slaves that look strong enough are trained to become warriors, bodyguards and even trainers of the dark beasts that reside under the Blackspine Mountains. Others are sent to the mines and quarries whilst many are simply sacrificed, their hearts torn out for Khaine. [1a]

Slaves taken to Karond Kar have chance of escaping and, even if they do escape, they are bound to die horribly in such a cruel place. A High Elf captive will bring the highest price in the markets. [4a]

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