Kaskitt Steelgrin

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Kaskitt Steelgrin was a Warlock Engineer of Clan Skryre who enlisted Grey Seer Thanquol to assist in the assault on Karak Angkul. [1a]

Kaskitt dressed in a long leather coat, his head partially covered in wires and rods, his arms shielded in long gloves. [1a]


Following the Grey Seers return from Lustria, Steelgrin approached him to join forces to aid Rikkit Snapfang of Clan Mors in attacking Karak Angkul. [1a] when Thanquol joins him on the expedition to Bonestash, he is accompanied by a second, apparently drug-addled Seer, Skraekual‎ who he claims is his assistant to the amusement of Kasskit and his fellow skaven. [1b]

He then presents Thanquol with token-present of his clans appreciation - a cybernetic construction built around the recovered bones of the Seers first Rat Ogre bodyguard, the first to bear the name Boneripper giving him a carved sliver of warpstone to control it. [1b] During the journey, he made sure to explain that he was the greatest Warlock Engineer in the Under-Empire, far superior to Gnawlitch Shun or Ikit Claw. [1c]

Whilst he was supposedly there to assist Rikkit, he actually planned to wait until the warlords troops were committed and then retreat to pluder his burrows. [1c]

The force was amushed in the tunnels leading to Bonestash by Skryre weapon teams commanded by Ikit Claw himself and Kaskitt was killed. [1c]


You can use the protection of Clan Skryre. Great things are stirring, the fortunes of Clan Skryre are on the rise. We will be generous to our friends.

~ Kaskitt to Thanquol .[1a]