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Katrina Volkova is the daughter of the Kislev Ambassador to the city-state of Remas, she is a duellist and fencing tutor.[1a]


In Remas she became an renowned duellist, trained by some of the finest swordsmen of the city, and a devout follower of Myrmidia. [1a]

During her time in the city, her father eventually grew tired of her duelling and masculine pursuits and tried to marry her off . What became of the prospective husband is not hard to imagine, and Volkova fled to Altdorf. There, recommended by word of mouth, a good number of the finest ladies of quality began to hire her for her special tuition. Whilst their fathers and husbands might imagine they are merely going over the finer points of dinner party conversation, or how to fold a napkin, they are more likely to be hard at it perfecting their poise, sword lunges and parries. [1a]


It is best not to be misled by her deportment and impeccable manners as she is a ruthless opponent, a natural born killer. [1a]


What need have we of brute strength, what need of raised voice, what need of the law, what need have we when we have cold steel? Only the will to use it!.

~Katrina .[1a]

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