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Kavzar was once a great city in Tilea inhabited by Humans and Dwarfs. [1a]

Its ruins have become the captial of the Skaven, Skavenblight.


The Tilean tale The Doom of Kavzar, also known as the The Curse of Thirteen tells of a great city shared between humans and dwarfs whose inhabitants decided to build a great temple surmounted with a cloud piercing tower [1a] which would surpass even those of the Elves. [2a]

The Bellona Myrmidia recounts that the goddess Myrmidia had aided their ruler, Tylos in creating the city. However she was appalled by the wasted resources and when he would not heed her warnings to cease told him she would only return when his people knew honour again. [2a]

For many years they laboured at this task, but it grew only very slowly when a grey clad stranger offered to complete the work in a single night in exchange for being allowed to mark the structure with a dedication to his own gods. This they agreed. [1a]

The stranger entered the temple alone at dusk and bade the people return at midnight - when they did so they found the building empty but complete - a great bell hanging at the top of the central tower. At the stroke of midnight, the bell sounded thirteen times, each time growing louder and a flash was seen on the dark circle of Morrslieb on the last toll. As morning dawned, the city was struck by a unnatural storm with black rain hammering down for many days, the great bell in their tower tolling thirteen times at midnight. [1a]

Although the Dwarfs were not worried, the humans sent to far off lands for help, but no messenger returned and soon great rocks fell from the sky, tainting the lands and people, with children born sick and twisted and crops destroyed. Rats devoured what little supplies were left and soon the people starved. The humans sought aid from the Dwarfs, but they too were now suffering with their lower workings flooded and their stocks much reduced by rats - as both sides grew angry, the Dwarfs sealed themselves away. [1a]

Some people called upon the dark gods for aid, but there was no response and every day the rats grew bolder, devouring the weak and unwary. Finally, the desperate survivors battered down the doors of the Dwarfs, seeking aid and food but they only found the gnawed skeletons of their allies. There the last people of the city were attacked and devoured by the rats. [1a]


Once upon a time, long long ago, men and Dwarfs lived together beneath the roofs of one great city. Some said it was the oldest and greatest city in the world and had existed before the time of the Longbeards and manlings, built by older and wiser hands in the dawn of the world. The city lay both above and below the earth, in keeping with the nature of the populace that dwelt there. The Dwarfs ruled in their great halls of stone below the ground and wrestled the fruits of the rock free with their day-long toil while the manlings reaped the fields of swaying corn that surrounded the city with a patchwork blanket of gold. The sun smiled, men laughed, and everyone was happy.

~ The Doom of Kavzar.[1a]


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