Kazad Grund

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King Wulfram

Karak Grund, the Fortress of the Hammer was a Dwarf Stronghold overun by Orcs & Goblins.[1a]


Following the War of Vengeance, the clans of the stronghold guarded the Rune Hammer Gorlnir, a weapon of the one of the Ancestor Gods. [1a]

During the Troll Wars and following the eruption of Thunder Mountain, the Orc Warlord Gruk Boartusk mustered his tribe to march north, marching on the fortress with many Night Goblins of the Black Moon. [1a]

The first blow of the Waaagh fell upon the outer fort guarding the pass leading to the stronghold. King Wulfram led his warriors against the invaders with support from the Engineers war machines. However the greenskin horder was too large and powerful to halt and soon the Dwarfs were retreating to the main fortress whose gates were quickly assaulted by the Giant Grumblebelly. One the second day the gates fell but Grumblebelly did not live long after, cut down by enraged Trollslayers. [1a]

As the hold was overwhelmed, King Wulfram made his final stand in the Shrine of the Ancestors, taking up the legendary hammer and slaying many orcs until he was confronted by Gruk himself. Although he stuck the warlord a mighty blow, the orc's shaman cursed axe cut through his gromril armour and took the kings life. [1a]


  • Axe Bridge: Crossed the apparently bottomless chasm Karagar's Woe [1a]
  • Shrine of the Ancestors: Held the sacred Hammer Gorlnir. [1a]



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