Kazad Haz-Drazh-Kadrin

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Kazad Haz-Drazh-Kadrin is a Dwarf fortress at the southern end of Black Fire Pass. [1a]

The fort is a small but sturdy outpost about twenty metres high and and fifty metres across. A flag depicting the heraldry of Karaz-a-Karak flutters in the breeze above it. Inside a circular hallway is lit by a roaring fire and several torches in sconce, ringed by several stout wooden doors whilst a spiral stair leads up to a trapdoor set in the ceiling. A second proud banner of Karaz-a-Karak hangs on the wall. [1a]

There are small barrack rooms and a Audience Chamber complete with a throne, guarded by a pair of hefty Dwarfs bearing two handed axes. [1a]


It is manned by either Dwarf Rangers or Clansmen from the great city of the Dawi. [1a]