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Khaled al Muntasir is an Arabyian vampire from the city of Bel Aliad. [1a]

In life he was a collector of mystical objects and something of a scholar. [1e]


Slender and handsome with hawk like features, dark eyes and a beard, he usually caries a slim Arabyian blade. [1a] In the service of Nagash he wore silver and gold armour with a white silk mantle, his sword sheathed in a wooden scabard inlaid with mother-of-pear and jade, the sword pommel itself made of jet. [2a]


He had a younger sister, 10 years younger than him, Anmar bin Muntasir,[1a] both being children of the harem to one of the Caliph's concubines. [1f] Both were prone to impetuousness and impatience, although Anmar was more self aware of this. [1b]



Abhorash taught him how to fight with sword and lance as a Kontoi - a Noble Rider as only the nobles of his city wore bronze and iron armour and rode horses in to battle. [1c]

In -1152 IC Neferata attacked Bel Aliad with her vampire handmaidens and desert tribes meeting fierce resistance in the armoured Konti. Khaled was part of a counter charge led by Abhorash who impaled Neferata with a lance, saving Khaled before she could overcome him. [1d] Khaled then kept the paralysed body of the vampire queen in a ornate sarcophagus as a prize. [1e]

She remained his captive for nearly a year, but then she managed to mentally force him to free her and turned both Khaled and his sister into vampires, knowing that he wanted to be Caliph himself.


[1f] A year later and Neferata was growing in power, using the Cult of Mordig, the Great Ghul as cover, introduced originally by Khaled who had originally obtained arcane artefacts from them. [1h] However Khaled moved to quickly to take control over the city and the commander of the Kontoi, Al-Khattab struck at them, causing Neferata to punish him and unleash the Ghouls of the cult on her enemies, [1i] the elite of which wore armour and Khaled had even managed to train to use a tulwar. As the civil war raged in and around th city however, Arkhan the black arrived to destroy the city and any who did not flee. [1j]

The siblings fled with their mistress to Lashiek, but unlike his sister Khaled was shattered by the destruction of his home, a city he had planned so long to rule. [1k]

In -1020 IC the siblings accompanied Neferata on a slaving expedition to gather captives for their queens new ally, [1n] the Dark Elf Corsair Captain Megara. Over the next hundred years they would accompany her on many similar raids and meetings with the Corsair. [1o]

In -800 IC he was one of the five vampires, who with Neferata rescued the Dwarf Thane Razek Silverfoot [1a] from Beastmen in the Worlds Edge Mountains, although Khaled wanted to torture and kill him and with his maker he travelled to Mourkain. Neferata ordered him to get to know the men in the personal guard of Ushoran and discover where their true loyalties. [1b]

Khaled and Anmar fought in the defense of Mourkain in -600 IC against a Orc horde. [1g]

In -350 IC, Ushoran ordered a curfew after an assassination attempt, during which a group of W'soran's creations killed four of Neferatas handmaidens and although Khaled and other guards intervened, they also took the survivor, Anmar prisoner. [1j]

Neferata, willed on by the Crown of Nagash and the destruction of the spirit of Alcadizzar in -327 IC tried to kill Ushoran and take the crown, but at the height of the conflict, Khaled stabbed her, allowing the crown to take full control of Ushoran and subdue her. [1l]

After Neferata and Naaima managed to open the main door of Karaz Bryn, Khaled and Anmar were part of the initial force that rushed in and Khaled fought a brief duel with King Borri Silverfoot before the Dwarfs were forced to retreat from the entrance hall. [1m]

After a year of the seige Khaled was still keen to prove himself by killing the Dwarf king but as they pressed through the hold but Neferata ordered him to capture any dwarf women and children seeking refuge in the temples. However he slaughtered them, much to her outrage as she knew the rest of the Dwarfs would now never surrender, Neferata killed his companion Zandor, but was then attacked by Khaled who gained the upper hand. As he stuggled he felt a sword blow and struck back, hitting the assailiant in the heart with a dwarf axe inlaid with silver - only to find it was his sister. She died and Neferata impaled him atop her remains. [1p]

As further punishment, Neferata entombed him in a iron sarcophagus where he remained until -15 IC when Arkhan came to demand her and her vampires aid him as he sought to reclaim his crown from Sigmar. She refused but instead gave Arkhan the imprisoned Khaled who could make more of his kind. [1q]


He spent some time in Athel Tamera before travelling to the newly formed Empire of Sigmar where he first interrupted the burial service of Vartan Gothii, son of Count Markus. When challenged he then killed Wenian, the Count's Sword Champion with a single blow and without apparent effort. [2a] The fifty escorting Bloodspears then moved to attack him but Krell appeared to slaughter them and all the other warriors present. [2b]

Nagash himself then reanimated Vartan and all the dead buried beneath the burial mound whilst Khaled forced Markus to watch, telling him that all he loved would die and be raised again to serve the Great Necromancer. [2c] He travelled to Reikdorf where he demanded that Sigmar return the crown of Nagash to its maker and master or face his wrath but the Emperor refused. [2d]

He was part of the undead armies that besieged and took Siggurdheim in only a few days, and turned both Markus and Siggurd into vampires. [2e] He defeated Queen Freya at the Battle of the River Aver, raising those that had been slain and then marching on Three Hills. [2f] Khaled pursued the people of Three Hills leading to the Last Stand of the Asoborn where he was defeated and forced to flee. [2g]


As an ancient vampire his powers are extremely formidable including inhuman strength, speed and resiliance.[1]


Was that what I was? A trap? Are all men traps, my lady? Is that why you could not accept what I offered you?

~ Khaled to Neferata. [1p]

I am many things, Count Markus: A man of culture, an artist, a writer of sorts and a dilettante in all things mystical. I have some knowledge of the celestial mechanics wheeling above us and am a passable tailor, weaponsmith and crafter of fine jewellery and ornaments. But one thing I am not, is a fool.

~ Khaled to Markus. [2a]


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