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High Queen Khalida Neferher (also Beloved of Asaph), the Warrior-Queen of Lybaras, was a well loved and respected figure across Nehekhara.

She was intelligent, patient, brave, beautiful and had a strong sense of justice and honour.[1a]


Her equally beautiful cousin, Queen Neferata of Lahmia, had recently become the first of the vampires by drinking from the Elixir of Damnation. Khalida was becoming suspicious of Nererata's dark secret and Neferata resolved to stop Khalida before she had a chance to reveal the truth.[1a] In -1520 IC[1b] Neferata falsely accused Khalida of treason at a banquet with the intention of assassinating her. Khalida rose to defend her own honour rather than choosing a champion, stunning the noble onlookers. Both Khalida and Neferata were skilled warriors but Khalida could not hope to defeat Neferata in her vampiric state. Eventually, to the horror of the guests, Khalida was struck down by Neferata and Neferata bit her own tongue and let the blood fall down Khalida's throat to turn her into a vampire.[1a]

Knowing her fate, Khalida cried out to the gods to save her. Asaph, the asp goddess, heard her cries and cleansed Khalida's body of the vampiric taint but also drained the remainder of her life. Her body was brought back to Lybaras and was interred in a specially made reliquary in a seated position. When needed, Khalida's body is infused with the will of Asaph and she rises to lead her army of archers, who were buried in tombs next to her, against her enemies.[1a] It was not until -1170 IC[1b] that the vampiric taint was discovered in Lahmia, whereupon Alcadizaar and his allies destroyed the city and force the vampires to flee north to Nagash.[1a]

Due to the betrayal of Neferata, Khalida has a burning loathing for Vampires and will not rest in peace until the last vampire is slain. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

She carries the Venom Staff.[1a]




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