Kirkjugarður Langskipa

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Kirkjugarður Langskipa is a trading port in Norsca on the Skaeling Coast. [1a]

All are tolerated here - humans, mutants, even Orcs although this does not mean that they are safe! [1a]


Öskra Örninn and his wife Signe rule the town as his family have done for generations. A formidable raider himself, Öskra does also recognise the need for trade. [1a]


Most buildings are actually created from wrecked ships, mostly Longships but vessels of other nations can be found as well. The wrecks are a potent reminder of Skaeling navel strength and often masts have sacrifces to Kharnath nailed to them. There are a variety of smokehouses, taverns, warehouses, shipyards and slave pens. [1a]

  • Skarlati Dreki: The surviving prow of a longship that was part of a fleet that fought a Black Ark. [1a]
  • Velkominn Allt: A sailors' inn which accepts any who come through the door - managed by Harwullf Ironcast and his family. [1a]
  • Temple of Mermedus: A rotting hulk that serves the god through his priest Gröftur Fiskauga. [1a]
  • Vargr Lodge: Here those who have been touched by Kharnath and cannot live with other Skaelings are housed - some are Berserkers, others are the Ulfwerener or Skin Wolves. They hunt at night and are often melancholy during daylight hours. [1a]


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