Kirsten Williams

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Kirsten Williams

Kirsten Williams is a painter and member of the 'Eavy metal team since January 2000. [1a]


As a regular at the Croydon store she was inspired by the two 'Eavy metal level painters who she nagged to teach her how to paint. She used techniques learned there for her GCSE and A-level courses, despite her art teacher not allowing her to use her figures for art projects. [1a]

She joined Games Workshop in 1997, spending the next few years in and around the London Hobby Centre. [1a]

Her Undead Griffon with Liche being attacked by a Wood Elf lord on a Eagle was chosen for the hallowed finalists' cabinet in the Golden Demon 1999. A few months later she was invited to have her models photographed and applied for a job with the 'Eavy metal team. [1a]



I love rats. So the Skaven immediately appealed to me. It was the summer of '93 and I was with my younger brother walking down Croydon high street; we saw Games Workshop and my brother wanted to go in. We played a game of Warhammer 40,000 and I thoroughly thrashed him with a Gretchin army. When we went back again I had a good look around the shelves and it was then that I first clapped eyes on the Skaven. I knew I'd be a servant of the Thirteen for the rest of my days.

~ Kristen Williams. [1a]