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A map of the city.[1b]

Kislev is the capital city of the empire of Kislev. [1a]

It was founded on the banks of the river Urskoy, a tributary of the Talabec and is home to the Tzars that rule the country. It is the largest and most well developed of the three cities of Kislev, the others being Praag and Erengrad. Due to its position on the Urskoy, it is practically on the border with The Empire and its population is influenced by many of the traditions and religions of the Empire. [1a]


It was founded by Khan-Queen Shoika, who took on the title of Tzar after its completion. Its founding also marked the beginning of the Kislevite calender, year 1 /1524 IC.[1a] Shoika was a member of the aristocratic and well armed and armoured force of Gospodars who came over the Worlds Edge Mountains after being pushed westwards by the rising power of Chaos. It is famous for never having fallen to an enemy force, despite being besieged on several occasions.

During the Great War Against Chaos, Kislev was relieved by a combined force of an army from the Empire, Elves led by Teclis and Dwarfs from Karaz-a-Karak . [1a]


At the heart of the city lies the Bokha Palaces, seat of power of the Tzars. They were rebuilt by Tzar Boris Ursus after he inherited the throne from his father. The old Palace Gospodarin was destroyed in the Great War Against Chaos, a Chaos Incursion that occurred in 778 GC\2302 IC. It was not rebuilt.[1a]



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