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Kislev maintains a number of armies with a particular focus on cavalry. Kislevite armies are traditionally formed from militia gathered from the scattered stanitsas and towns of the Kislev oblast. When Kislev comes under the threat of invasion these men fight for their homeland in defiance of whatever threat assails them.


The Kislevites place less emphasis on ground fighting and thus do not have many types of infantry regiments. Foot troops from Kislev are usually those drafted to fight but do not own horses themselves. Examples of Kislev infantry units include:


Kislev armies usually win or lose their battles based on the performances of their mounted regiments. The have access to various light and heavy cavalry units from both Gospodar and Ungol stock. Kislev cavalry units can comprise of:

  • Ungol Horse Archers: Swift light cavalry who excel at outflanking and bowfire. [1]
  • Winged Lancers: The Gospodar knighthood, named after the wings worn on their backs. [1]
  • Gryphon Legion: An elite regiment of Winged Lancers who act as the Tzars elite guard. [1]
  • War Wagons: Horse drawn carts that carry infantry who fire arrows and blackpowder weapons from inside. [2]


Large gunpowder units are known to be used in Kislev armies. These are not dissimilar to those used by their Imperial or Dwarf allies, though somewhat more primitive. Kislevite artillery pieces can include:


The Kislevites are also prone to build defenses to aid in the defense of their lands. These can range from wooden pallisades to stone walls and even large castles. The larger cities of Kislev also are surrounded by walls and moats. Examples of Kislev fortifications include:


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