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Knights-Venator are the winged hunters of the Stormcast Eternals, often found hunting the battlefields for vital targets together with a fierce Star-eagle and it's Celestial Talons. They are called sky-arches for their ability to soar through the skies and riddling the enemies of Sigmar with volleys of projectiles, far faster than it would be possible for a mortal. Their eagles are capable of seeing and rending creatures who exist in ethereal planes.[1][2]

They wield a Realmhunter's bow into battle, who only hint of a presence is a faint, glowing contrail leading to a foe riddled with missiles. The quiver magically refills as quickly as it is emptied ensuring that they never run out of ammunition. However the Star-fated arrow, a deadly artefact of sacred power that can slay even the mightiest of foes is an exception and it makes several hours for it reappear once used. On their backs there is a pair of wings granting them the ability to fly and a reliquary.[1][2][3]