Knights of the Verdant Field

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The Knights of the Verdant Field is a Knightly Order of Templars of Myrmidia. [1a]

They are a chapter of the Order of the Righteous Spear and are based in Talabheim, [1a] rarely leaving the city and its immediate surrounds. [2a] Those that do venture forth are often atoning for sins or on a mission of great importance. [2a]

Coming from a variety of backgrounds they all share a devotion to the goddess and to protect the people. [2a]


They protect the great temple of the goddess in the Talabheim. [2a]

Weapons and Equiopment

These Templars are trained to wage war in the wild areas and forest. [2a]

  • WFRP 2nd: Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Longbow. [2a]