Knossus Heavensen

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Knossus Heavensen is a Lord-Arcanum of the Hammers of Sigmar [1]


He has pale tattooed features. [1b]



Knossian Glymm was the last descendant of the royal family that ruled the city of Glymmsforge when Lady Olynder dispatched the vampire lord, Vaslbad the Unrelenting to conquer it in her name. In ensuing battle he impaled the vampire but he himself was slain – but then claimed by Sigmar to be reforged as Stormcast Eternal. [2]


By the time of the Necroquake he was still considered as newforged, with less than a century to his name. [1a] He was known for participating in training bouts with his own warriors, whilst others including Tyros Firemane were more likely to lead their warriors in the rites of preparation and purification. [1c]

Following the Necroquake, Sigmar dispatched Heavensen and a powerful force from the Sacrosanct Chamber to reinforce the city of Glymmsforge.[2]


I am Lord-Arcanum Knossus Heavensen. I come bearing the word and wrath of the God-King of Azyr, Sigmar Heldenhammer. Glymmsforge stands imperilled. But it shall not fall. Not while I stand with it.

~ Knossus Heavensen .[1b]