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Kratch was an apprentice Skaven Grey Seer, a pupil of first Skabritt and then Thanquol. [1]


A young white furred skaven, eight years old with his powers and horns still developing. [1a]


At his master, Skabritt's bidding he carried out extensive research on the Wormstone, unaware he was being watched by agents of Grey Seer Thratquee. [1c]

In Under-Altdorf he accompanied his master Skabrtt into the previously sealed burrows of Clan Mawrl in search of the Wormstone and ensured he was the only survivor of the expedition when a great mutated rat-beast attacked. [1a] He reported what had happened to Skavenblight and the Council of Thirteen assigned him to Thanquol, tasking them both with recovering the Wormstone and returning it to the Council. [1b]