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You may be looking for the Dwarf King Kurgan Ironbeard.

The Kurgan are one of the tribal peoples known as Northmen who inhabit the Northern Chaos Wastes. [2a]

The Kurgan's territories cover a vast swathe of the Northern Chaos Wastes, which surrounds the Realm of Chaos at the northern polar region.


Tall, dark haired and strongly built but unlike the men of the Old World. [2a] On average, they are darker-skinned than the people of the Empire and to maintain their physical prowess they expose infants that are considered imperfect or stunted. [3a]


The Kurgan live as nomadic tribes, travelling with their families and livestock, their wandering directed by their chieftains and the whims of their Chaos gods. Their territories are wherever they find themselves. [3a]

Kurgans are almost without exception horse tribes. Some tribes travel with wagons to carry tents and altars. Those few tribes who do not travel by mount wander by foot, or for some reason have chosen to permanently settle an area. However they are said to be equally at home on foot as astride a horse. [2a]

The Kurgan are divided into numerous tribes, some more savage and ferocious than others. The tribes further to the north and closer to the Realm of Chaos are the most ferocious and barbarous, and the most devoted followers of Chaos. [2a]


Storm of Chaos

When Morathi flew into the lands of the Hung she arrived at a great gathering of warbands where she was recognised as having the favour of Shaarnor. She summoned a great horde of sixty troupes of six Daemonettes which she unleashed upon the enemies of the Hung, the Kurgan, destroying many warbands and impressing the Hung warlords to name her as an ally and the Consort-Queen of Shaarnor. [1a]


Infamous leaders of the Kurgan were:


  • The Dolgans, one of more southern Kurgan tribes, had once lived in relative peace with the Ungols of Kislev. Today they have become less ambiguous, and now form together under Zars in imitation of the Tzars of Kislev. Their attacks have been growing more powerful as more of the bands come together and it is becoming harder to push them back, even though their attacks usually only last for one season.
  • The Kul: They lay claim to the lands to the north of the Worlds Edge Mountain and east of the Sea of Chaos. [3a]


Why do we raid your land? It is the will of the Gods.

~ Zar Seizsk, Kurgan Chieftain.[1]


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