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Domains Hunting
Nature's Wildness
Nature's Hunger
Type God
Status Deceased
Affiliation Order
Followers Sylvaneth

Kurnoth was a hunter god that represented nature's wildness and hunger and one of the survivors of the World-That-Was.[4]


Age of Chaos

Kurnoth and the Heartwood Sylvaneth defended Kurnotheal in the realm of Ghyran during the Age of Chaos but as he was in his winter season he was too weak to resist the forces of Nurgle. He was ultimately defeated and slain in the Battle of Tears by the servants of the Plague God, led by Horticulous Slimux. His spear and what remained of his body was rescued by what remained of his forces. As they escaped their forces were slowly reduced until only a single Dryad managed to return to Alarielle with his remains.[3]

This spear is now wielded by Alarielle in battle. She also uses it to commune with her soul consort Kurnoth during certain seasons and lunar cycles [5].


He was one of several deities worshipped by the Sylvaneth and the only that is worshipped at the same level as Alarielle. It's this fact that makes other Sylvaneth so wary of the Kurnoth Hunter's elevated level of worship.[4]

The Kurnoth Hunters are the living embodiment's of his wrath and power.[1][2]. Their creation was a result of Alarielle's awakening in her war aspect during the Season of War. The Kurnoth Hunter's were given a position within her Royal Moot in the form of the Huntsmaster of Kurnoth, a being shrouded mystery, described as being somewhere between Alarielle's captain of the guard, martial advisory, high priest of Kurnoth, and the queen's spy master.[4]


  • Due to similarities in name, story and domain, it is thought that Kurnoth might be connected to the god Kurnous from the World-That-Was. His name also contains portion of the other elven hunting deity from that world Anath Raema.


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