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The Lahmian Sisterhood is a cabal of vampires under the rule of Neferata, former queen of Lahmia.


In the years following the fall of Lahmia, Neferata surrounded herself with a group of vampiric servants who, despite being vicious and savage warriors and competent necromancers, showed their true strengths in the areas of seduction, infiltration, intelligence gathering and manipulation. Their time in Mourkain allowed them to hone these skills to supernatural levels and by the time the vampire queen took the mountain fortress of the Silver Pinnacle from the Dwarfs and made it her own, these vampires and becomes true masters of their arts.

Having long ago decided that directly ruling the lands of the living was impossible for the dead, Neferata instead decided that ruling from the shadows and being the power behind the throne was even better. She took the most beautiful, seductive, intelligent and manipulative of her servants and sent this sisterhood out across the lands of men, inserting them into every facet of society. From Imperial generals to Bretonnian Grail Knights, from Kislevite Boyars to Arabyan Caliphs, behind almost every man of power stood a pale and beautiful wife, courtesan, mistress or other significant figure.

Neferata had learnt that one did not have to be a ruler to rule. Instead her web gave her influence unparalleled and for centuries she became the secret queen of an unseen empire.


  • Neferata; the first vampire, queen of lost Lahmia, Queen of Mysteries, ruler of the Silver Pinnacle.
    • Naaima; former Cathayan concubine, first and most loyal of Neferata's sisterhood.[1]
    • Anmar bin Muntasir; Arabyan princess, sister to Kahled al Muntasir.[1]
    • Bellatash of Tilea
    • Duchess of Malstonia
    • Giselle of Marienburg
    • Heterneb of Lahmia
    • Imentet, High Mistress of Neferata's Handmaidens [5]
    • Iona; Slave girl from Sartosa [1]
    • Lady Khemalla of Lahmia [2]
    • Kahled al Muntasir, Prince of Bel Aliad.[1]
    • Layla; Strigori noblewoman [1]
    • Lupa Stregga; Tilean slave gifted by the Dark Elf corsair Megara, lover of Vorag Bloodytooth.[1]
    • Lycindia the Cruel
    • Lady Melissa d'Acques
    • Nitocris: The Serpent Queen of the Southland jungles who Neferata sent against Queen Khalida to retake Lahmia. [3]
    • The Pallid Sisters of Kislev[5]
    • Rasha bin Wasim; daughter of the chieftain of a nomadic Arabyan desert tribe.[1]
    • Serutat: Arabyan vampire, she owned the Noctu jewel until it was stolen by Marianna Chevaux, who Serutat later transformed into a vampire as well.[4]




  • Very few of Neferata's descendants turn males into vampires though it does happen from time to time, such as Neferata's traitorous childe Kahled al Muntasir or Genevieve's own sire Chandagnac.
  • In previous versions of the game the 'Lahmians' were a bloodline, which is to say rather than just being a group ruled by Neferata the Lahmians were all and every descendant of hers. In the modern version it is possible to include vampires who are descendants of Neferata who are not directly part of the Sisterhood (such as Genevieve Dieudonné) and even on very rare occasions for vampire not directly of Neferata's blood to at least work closely to the Sisterhood (such as Ulrika Magdova).


We are tools, Neferata. You call us sisters, but we are but pieces on your game-board. You collect us and hoard us, and sometimes you spend us. Sometimes you spend us for ambition. Other times, it is for spite.

And we love you for it, because we cannot help but to do so. You unmake us as easily as Nagash's crown threatened to unmake you, and remake us in your image. ~ Naaima to Neferata on the Sisterhood.[1]


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