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Lahmizzash ruled after Lahmizzar during the 4th Dynasty of Nehekhara. Lahmizzar was slain at the hands of Nagash, and as such Lahmizzash took direct control of the battlefield, pulling the combined forces of several back to safe points.[1]

Lahmizzash was evidently a better general, as he managed to break through the lines of undead warriors and besieged Khemri. He was successful, and sacked Khemri.[1]

Nagash fled and Arkhan the Black was slain and the great Necropolis of Khemri was desecrated. He also purged the priesthood. The name of Nagash was stricken from all records and inscriptions in the hope of letting him be forgotten for good. Of course, that didn't work, because his sister Neferata took one of the cursed Nine Books of Nagash back home and created the first Vampire Kingdom in Lahmia.[1]

It was at this time that High Queen Khalida Neferher was slain in the Lahmian Court, keeping their dark, vampyric secret hidden.[1]

Lahmizzash was followed by King Lakhashar.[1]

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