Lair-Nests of the Dark Lands

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Only to the Skaven would a terrible place such as the Dark Lands become a land of promise and opportunity. Yet it is so, for the lands east of the Worlds Edge Mountains are home to many of the richest meteor-struck craters of the world. Many Warpstone comets can be seen blazing fiery green-tinted trails before ploughing into the dusty and barren plains of the dark lands. The value of the Warpstone to the Skaven is only surpassed by the relentless way which they seek them out.

But before a Skaven can scurry to the lair-nests beneath Mount Silverspear, the stronghold under Gnashrak's lair, the volcano warrens of Clan Volkn, or any other of the lesser holds built in the dark lands, many warpstone tokens must be paid to Clan Rictus at the under-way hub below Crookback Mountain. Clan Rictus seized possession of the mountain at the eastern end of Mad Dog Pass long ago. Above ground, known as Karak Kadrin to the Dwarfs, the pass offers the best route through the mountains, but below surface it is even more critical, serving as the underground gateway to the Dark Lands. In addition to their vast mining and slaving operations, Clan Rictus enforces a heavy toll for the use of such passageways, taking a heavy toll for the use of such passageways, taking a steep tax on any Warpstone found on the plains of the dark lands. Clan Rictus breeds an incredible amount of giant black-furred Stormvermin and few dare cheat such collectors. Already many attempts by various clans to open up offshoot tunnels to avoid the exorbitant fees have been violently dissuaded by Clan Rictus.