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A mysterious Lammasu.

A Lammasu is a rare and interesting mutation of the Great Tauri, the one that is not consumed by fiery rage, but is a manifestation of sorcerous intelligence. Though not as powerful as its cousin in combat, the Lammasu is able to employ magic instead, launching fireballs at the enemy, transporting allies on shadowy mounts in a blink or simply letting death creep through enemy ranks. Not only is it able to cast magic, but it is also incredibly resilient to its effects, with the vilest spells often dissipating upon contact with the miasma of sorcery around him. This same miasma also negates the enchantments inside the enemy weapons, be it a life-draining Wight Blade or a deft Lance of Quest, shocking their enemies to Lammasu's delight.[1]

While it takes a great amount of power to summon one, the wizards who invest it will not be disappointed, which is why many Chaos Dwarf sorcerers of a sufficient rank use them as their mounts.[2]


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