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Lethis was a city of Sigmar that was built on the shores of Lake Lethis within the underworld of Stygxx in the Realm of Shyish.[1]

It was dominated by the Stormkeep of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer and also known as the Raven City and was a critcal strategic link for the forces of order between the two realms. [3a]

From it one can see the Deific Mons as an immense silhouette.[2]


These wer designed and created by Lord-Ordinator Clavos Arthreus, consequently the city was very heavily defended with many Celestar Ballistas and other war machines, hexagrammatic walls together with raw celestium running through complex sluiceworks. [3a]

Allies that joined the last battle to defend the city included:


Following the Necroquake, Nagash discovered the hidden stormvault and enraged, sent vast armies to break into and release the imprisoned entities and reclaim the artefacts within. despite the formidable defence of the city which even saw the Celestant-Prime manifest to aid them, the city was stormed by the Nighthaunts under the command of the Mortarch Lady Olynder. They are aided by the Fyreslayers of the Greyfyrd Lodge who switch sides and open the Onyx gate due to unpaid debts owed by the city. The Midnight Tomb is breached and ancient and powerful being released to cause further massive death. [3a]



Tear open the vaults of Lethis and bring me what is mine. Let every mortal soul within the city feel the deepest despair before they perish.

~ Nagash .[1a]