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A dreaded Liche.Needs Citation

A Lich (alternatively, LicheNeeds Citation) is an Undead Necromancer. They have become foul, twisted, and tormented by years of evil toil.[3a]


A Liches' mental and bodily functions are preserved by powerful magic, but their bodies continue to decompose as if they were truly dead. The majority of Necromancers who turn to the study of the Dark Arts in order to stave off the effects of death wind up insane, incorporeal Wraiths, or dead.[1][2]

There are some who find a way to beat the odds. These are Liches, beings with such a mastery of the Purple Wind that they've managed to arrest decay within their own bodies long after death and time should have claimed them.[2]

A Liche's body resembles that of a Zombie or Skeleton - an animated corpse in the process of decomposition.[1]

Known Liches

Weapons and Equipment

  • 4th Edition: Sword. May have Additional Hand Weapon, Barding, Crossbow, Double Handed Weapon, Flail, Halberd, Heavy Armour, Lance, Light Armour, Shield and Spear. May have four Magic Items. May ride a Skeleton Steed, Undead Chariot or a Monster.[3b]



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