Liminus Stormsight

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Liminus Stormsight is a Knight-Azyros of the Hammers of Sigmar and part of the Command Chamber of The Hammerhands.[1]


He was once a blind pilgrim in the Realm of Chamon travelling betweem mountain shrines, relying on the kindness of others to survive and reach his destination. He was attacked by Cultists of Slaanesh but fought hard against them, throwing two off the mountain with him as he fell and as he did so was taken by Sigmar in a bolt of lightning. [1]

Stormcast Eternal

He was part of the joint force with the Anvils of the Heldenhammer as they cleansed the Zircona Desert of enemy forces, Liminus being sent ahead of the Sacrosanct Chamber. Although his celestial beacon was able to drive away many Nighthaunts, his reports are becomig increasingly strange as if he is seeing beyond the corporeal. [1]


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