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Lion Rangers are a monastic order of Aelves who trace the origins of their warrior brotherhood back to the Age of Myth[1]


A powerful warrior-brotherhood of Aelves who wield mighty war-axes with uncanny precision and skill, The ancient order of the Lion Rangers came to the aid of other Aelves in time of war or gave them shelter in their remote monasteries. They fought hard and long in the early years of the Age of Chaos and consequently few survived to reach the safety of Azyrheim when the great gates of the Realm of Azyr closed.

The survivors no longer trusted the strength of fortress walls or defiant keeps, but rather roamed the realm as warrior-mystics, giving aid to the inhabitants where they could. Once the gates reopened however they joined the huge armies that swept out into the Mortal Realms serving as scouts both on foot and in their renowned chariots.


The Lion Rangers did not fight alone, they trained lions for war and it was these formidable beasts that drew their chariots to battle.[1]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Kuva Lion Rangers Unknown Aelf Thousands of years old, she was defending the last realmgate of the Realm of Azyr to be closed and was waiting to recommence the fight when it was reopened. She and the Duardin Ironbreaker Bryn assist the Witch Hunter Sol Gage on his investigations.
Thystra Lion Rangers Lion Ranger Aelf A Aelf tormented by her past who guarded the Grave of Heroes in the Realm of Chamon.


Image Unit Faction Grand
White Lions M01.jpeg
White Lion Lion Rangers Order Warscroll
Lion Chariot.jpg
White Lion Chariot Lion Rangers Order Warscroll


Your cities weep, your foundling kingdoms flounder and the darkness nips at your heels.

My warriors will quiet the wailing of these tormented Lands. And worry not - we do not fear what lies beyond the Gates of Azyr

~ Un-named Ranger Lord to Lord Leto, Master of the Bullheart Guilds.[1]


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