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This is a list of all Aelf characters in the Mortal Realms, split by factions, units and species.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Druthara Daughters of Khaine Hag Queen Aelf Following the opening of the Stormvaults, she led a force accompanied Morathi herself to claim the Face of Khaine, an ancient artefact forged from Ur-Gold.
Faonora Daughters of Khaine Hag Queen Aelf In the Age of Sigmar she was second-in-command to Hag Queen Druthara.
Krylla Daughters of Khaine Slaughter Queen Aelf A Slaughter Queen of the Kraith sect who perfected coating weapons with Nagendra venom which causes a victims blood to boil.
Selendti Llyr-Xiss Daughters of Khaine Ambassador, Priestess Aelf In the Time of Tribulations she was the Daughters of Khaine's Ambassador to the city of Hammerhal.
Malekandra Daughters of Khaine Hag Queen Aelf Once a trusted handmaiden of Morathi herself she fled Hagg Nar with several relics, murdering a number of her sisters in the process.
Morathi Daughters of Khaine High Oracle of Khaine
Shadow Queen
Aelf The demigoddess leader of the Daughters of Khaine faction.
Vhorskaya Daughters of Khaine High Priestess Aelf The High Priestess of the Daughters of Khaine Temple-arena aboard the Black Ark Eternity of Torment.
Aliadrenne Verentrai Eldritch Council Unknown Aelf Silken Seer of the Eldritch Council.
Eldorel Eldritch Council Archmage Aelf An Archmage of the White Tower of Synarsis.
Aemorthis Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian King Aelf In the Time of Tribulations he saved a contingent of Stormcast from a horde of Deathrattle skeletons raised by necromancers.
Gwyth Banrionic Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian King Aelf In the Age of Myth she was the first and perhaps the greatest queen of the Dhom-hain Enclave..
Giléan Six-Eyes Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Embailor Aelf An Embailor that taught Ubraich.
Glorian Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian King Aelf In the Time of Tribulations he lured a large force of Ironjawz into a Realmgate to Shyish.
Lotann Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Soulscryer Aelf The Warden of the Soul Ledgers
Radharcith Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Soulscryer Aelf He led a force that, in alliance with the Sylvaneth defeated a large Chaos force.
Ubraich Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Embailor Aelf Son of a Namarti mother that became an Embailor after being taught by Giléan Six-Eyes.
Volturnos Idoneth Deepkin High King Aelf The only surviving Cythai and regarding by many Deepkin as their greatest warrior, earning his reputation in the Age of Myth.

Kuva Lion Rangers Unknown Aelf Thousands of years old, she was defending the last realmgate of the Realm of Azyr to be closed and was waiting to recommence the fight when it was reopened. She and the Duardin Ironbreaker Bryn assist the Witch Hunter Sol Gage on his investigations.
Thystra Lion Rangers Lion Ranger Aelf A Aelf tormented by her past who guarded the Grave of Heroes in the Realm of Chamon.
Sethril Brightblade Order Draconis Drakelord Aelf He led a crusade that lasted eighteen years, using his superior generalship and bravery to drive the Skaven out of the Shasmodach jungles.
Vizrin Kyre Scourge Privateers Fleetmaster Aelf Fleetmaster of Hammerhal Aqsha and a member of the Twilight Cabal.
Kraggua Scourge Privateers Fleetmaaster Aelf Of the Seven Whispers. A Fleetmaster in the service of Zarkland Zenthe.
Dreiloch Nar Scourge Privateers Fleetmaster Aelf The Ravager-Queen of the Molten Spoil, sails the quicksilver oceans of the Realm of Chamon and a member of the Twilight Cabal.
Oscus Scourge Privateers First Mate Aelf Former first mate to Arika Zenthe.
Sawfang Sakur Scourge Privateers Fleetmaster Aelf A corsair from the Realm of Ghur and a member of the Twilight Cabal.
Arika Zenthe Scourge Privateers Fleetmaster Aelf The Fleetmaster of Excelsis and a friend of Hanniver Toll. She helped the city during the uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path.
Levrid Zenthe Scourge Privateers Noble Aelf With his Arika Zenthe sister he attempted to escape his father, but was sacrificed to provide him with another centuries life.
Zarkland Zenthe Scourge Privateers Black Ark Fleetmaster Aelf Fleetmaster of the Eternity of Torment, the father of Arika and Levri, and a member of the Twilight Cabal.
Maleneth Witchblade Shadowblades Assassin Aelf Trained in the Temples of Khaine, she is now a agent of the Order of Azyr, currently accompaning Gotrek Gurnisson across the Mortal Realms, protecting the Master Rune embedded in his flesh.

Aedarys Swifthawk Agents Spireguard Aelf A Watch Master belonging to the Guardians of the Dawnspire.
Aethrian Swifthawk Agents Skycutter with three agents Aelf The Aelf comander of a Skycutter from Phoenicium.
Gossamon Swifthawk Agents Unknown Aelf Of the Winged Helm. At the beginning of the Time of Tribulations, Anvilgard's agents are tasked with locating Lord-Ordinator Varangenesis, the scouts are led by Gossamon who dies from poisoned wounds after a successful engagement with a much larger force of Slaaneshi cavalry.
Ilnarion Swifthawk Agents High Warden Aelf The High Warden of the Guardians of the Dawnspire, responsible for guarding the tower and its objects within.
Thindrael Anyaerios Swifthawk Agents Skycutter Ranger Aelf A ranger posted to Highcrater Watch in the Jade Kingdom of Verdantia.
Gallanglaen Wanderers Waywatcher Aelf A hunter and mercenary often to be found in the city of Izalend where he tends a shrine to the goddess Alarielle in an old church.
Maesa Wanderers Nomad Prince Aelf This prince has been lured into the cursed city of Shadespire by the promise of the secret of cheating death and seeks the Katophrane Thanaton.