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A list of known books and publications in the Warhammer World.


Publications of the Warhammer World
Title Author Genre Notes Source
A Defence Against Necromancy Felip Iyrtu Magic Published in IC 2415 by Patriarch Felip Iyrtu and in 2510 it was on the 1st year reading list for students of the Amethyst College of Magic. [3a]
A Farce in the Fog Detlef Sierck Play Beware the brides of Necrarch, Act II, Scene I [13c]
Against the Darkness Helmut von Hal Autobiography Published in 2098 IC by Armoury of the Faith Press, its full title is The Record of My Struggles Against Humanity's Enemies in the Service of Our Lord Sigmar. [15a]
A History of the Empire Otto Van Kompf History Published in at least Thirty One Volumes by Printers at Nuln. [18]
A History of the Province of Averland Ludwig von Hoss History Published in Twelve Volumes. [12a]
A History of the Tilean Peninsula Roberto Ui History An Tilean manuscript published by Suden Press in 2274 IC. [15a]
A Life Genevieve Dieudonné Autobiography A slim volume for one who had lived for over six hundred years and undertaken so many adventures [1]
A Man Among the Elves Herwig Algnar Autobiography [23]
A Miscellany of Dwarven Lore and Superstition Theophrastus Hochleben, Doctor of the Collegium Theologica Dwarfs Published in Middenheim in 2435 IC [34a]
A Modest Treatise into the Nature of Magic Gotthilf Puchta Magical Theory A reknowned and highly learned text from a now deceased Patricarch of the Gold Order [10a]
A Primer in Military Tactics Rikkart Fell Warfare Simple Lessons on the Path to Strategic Mastery, it concludes with an examination of the battles in Black Fire Pass [12a]
Armies of the Hammer - The Forgotten Crusades History Tells the story of a Crusade led by Pieter the Pious who led an army of fanatics into Araby who were never heard of again. [17]
A Treatise for da Deliverence of Cities Giovanni Marmalodi Warfare Published in 2420 IC. Although considerd to be one of the most important textbooks on siegecraft, it is thought that the author, a Tilean mercenary was never actually present at a siege. He discoverd a journal by Ilich Meinbach whose Border Princes domain was besieged and destroyed by Orcs and whose record was a priceless, detailed account of a seige.Issa stupido to builda a wall iffa you ain' agonna hide behind it. [14a]
Archaeologica Maledicta or A compendium of Places Wicked and Vile Gunther Laubrich History Published in 613 (IC) in Nuln [7]
A Right & Honourable Accounting of the Empire’s History: Provincial Perspectives from the Common Man Trubert Steiner History [13a]
Articles of Imperial Magic Magnus the Pious Magical Rules Published in 2305 IC, these codify the rules and regulations under which the Colleges of Magic must operate. They grant them permission to perform magical research and practice thaumaturgy for the good of the Empire and within its bounds and territories. [10c]
A Treatise upon the Art of Generalship Giovanni Marmalodi Warfare [8]
Barbenoire: The Bastard of Bretonnia Jacopo Tarradasch Poetry [1]
Bellona Myrmidia Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Myrmidia [3d]
Bellum Strategia Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Myrmidia [3d]
Blood on the Reik Tobias Helmgart Social History Published by Wissenberg Press in 2515 IC. It is subtitled as A Journey through the Old World. Also known as Helmgart’s First Blood [13b]
Books of Blood Religion Proscribed books sacred to Khaine, now mostly fragments that describe vampires as godlike beings. As a rite of passage, prospective members of the cult are sometimes tasked with kidnapping innocents and cutting a passage from the book into their flesh. [2]
Books of Nagash Nagash Necromancy All other necromantic books are based on these ancient tomes created by the Great Necromancer himself. [27]
Book of the Dead Abdul ben Raschid Tomb Kings The Author travelled to the land of the dead but was driven mad by his experience - many of the books were burnt by the Caliph of Ka-Sabar but some survived and reached the Empire and other lands following the crusades. [27]
Canticum Verena Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Verena [3j]
Chronicle of Itza Lizardmen Translated by Mendoza of Estalia [30a]
Chronicles of Beltharius Contains detailed information on the Temple City of Pahuax. [30a]
Constant Drachenfels: A study in Evil Helmholtz History [1]
Daemonic ames and Correspondences Teaster Daemonology Although it claims to hold the true names of Daemons great and small, it has many deliberate mistakes. [33a]
Darkness Rising Frederich Weirde History A complete history of the Storm of Chaos [18][25]
Dark Dreams and Forbidden Pastimes Mordecai Thandos Erotic Verse Various historical figures are lampooned within its pages. [33a]
Dark Rituals Gerhard Recht Necromancy [5a]
Deus Sigmar Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Sigmar [3g]
Dreams of Lustria Prince Frenzo Badolphus The dreams of the Prince before he apparently transmuted into a reptillian creaure and was beaten to death. [30a]
Elven War Studies Allurian Warfare Her collected works have been translated and published in the Old World and most serious followers of Myrmidia are scholars of Allurian [29a]
Eulogium Verena Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Verena [3j]
Encyclopedia of the Undead J. Gotthard Melbert Bestiary Another Banned book [2]
Famous Mass Murderers of our Lands Johann Biedenkopf History Published in 2501 (IC) in Middenheim by Popular Press. [7]
Forma di Malevola Marcelli Verdallo History An Tilean manuscript published by Trantine Press in 2104 IC, its translated title is The Forms of the Malevolent or the Problem of Evil As Seen Through The Prism of Neo-Protianic Thought. [15a]
Great Days of the Empire Kleghel Play A play details the birth of Sigmar and his youth. Under a sky full of portents I found him, Act I scene II [13c]
Great Engineers of the Empire Lady Theodora Holzenauer Biography The author is both an engineer and journalist. [3a]
Grimoire Necronium W'soran Necromancy A book of spells and doom laden prophesies of the end of the world where Vampires rule over the living, hunting them for sport under a sunless sky. Those who read it risk falling into depression and insanity. [27]
Grudgelore Heinrich Altendorfer Dwarfs A History of Grudges and the Great Realm of the Dwarfs. [3a]
Heresies in the Age of the Three Emperors Reinhard Ascher History Published by Altdorf Press in 2273 IC. [15a]
Higher Truths Ahtep of Mahrak Philosophy Better the truth of the blade than the lie of the sheath. [35a]
Histories and Most Deplorable Actions of the Kul Frederich Weirde History A history of the Chaos worshipping tribes [25]
Immortal Love Jacopo Tarradasch Poetry A cycle of sonnets [1][4a]
Infestations Unknwon Disease A forbidden text much sought after by Cultists bound in dubious hide. [30b]
Liber Chaotica Richter Kleiss Father Kleiss was declared insane, he was a friend of Magister Patriarch Verspasian Kant of the Order of Light. [10b]
Liber Lupus Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Ulric [3i]
Liber Manann Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Manann [3b]
Liber Mortis Frederick van Hel Religion A infamous work by the author, who is also known as Vanhel. The only complete copy is in the Great Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf. [2]
Liber Necris Published by Sylvania Press [18]
Libro Dei Morti Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Morr [3c]
Lives of the Depraved Konrad Steinhoff Biography Published in IC 2099 by Talebheim, Schnuffler & Son Publishers, it includes a substantial section on Constant Drachenfels [7]
Livre des Larmes Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Shallya [3f]
Machineries of Destruction Hallar Hansleben Warfare Subtitled: The Manifold Methods of Maiming the Mass and the Mob on the Field of Battle. published by Printers at Nuln [18]
Memoirs of a Lustrian Adventurer Fleugweiner Sonderblitz Biography A personal account in 4 volumes. [8]
Midnight and the Black Cat Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Ranald [3e]
My Time with the Dwarfs Emmerschein von Mirrenburg Biography It relates the Counts time and experiences with Long Drong's Slayer Pirates. [8]
My Travels with Gotrek Felix Jaegar Adventure Often considered outlandish fiction written by a known agitator, outlaw and adventuer [2]
My Years as a Bounty Hunter in Reikwald, Bretonnia and the Grey Mountains Anton Veidt as told to Jochim Munchberger Autobiography [1]
Of Plagues and Peril Meffiridus Schreiber History Decribes the waves of plagues that struck the Empire up till 1114 IC when the author died of the Black Plague. [30b]
Of the Late War Orsini Sardus Describes The War of Beasts and the role of magical beasts within it. [37]
Ogrish Standards of Etiquette Professor Werner Bermann Ogres Dealing with Ogres, as anyone who hired them in a mercenary capacity knows, can be a trial. [32a]
Old' Weirde's Tactius Frederich Weirde Warfare [18]
Omens and Prophecies of the Seer Unserfrau Prophecy [20]
On the Mark of the Noble: History & Heraldry of Selected Bloodlines Tomas Aberlin History [13a]
On the Preservation of Corpses Ludwig von Eckstein Necromancy [5a]
On the Varieties of Execrable Ailments Wikerus Blatter Diseases An encyclopedia of diseases which has actual samples of the infected bodily fluids of victims as stains and which may still be active. [30b]
Perilous Beasts: A study of Creatures Fair and Foul Odric of Wurtbad Bestiary All manner of creatures including vampires, Clan Eshin Scholars and Dragons supposedly contributed to this book, which has many accurate descriptions of their kind. [2][6]
Phyiscal Death and its Implications Anonymous Nature of Death Dictated, supposedly from beyond the grave, it talks of the survival of the spirit and what it may find beyond death. [33a]
Pox Vobisxum A High Priest of Nurgle A description of a thousand year campaign to destroy the world with corruption and disease. [33a]
Proscribed Grimoires of Khaine Religion Kept by the Cult of Sigmar who may reluctantly grant access, as they did with Detlef Sierck in his research for the play about the death of Drachenfels, but he did have the patronage of the Imperial family. [1]
Rattus Rex Conspiratus Interview Written in 2322 IC, a member of the Cult of Yellow Fang describes interviews with a Skaven named Skittertongue, who is opposed to the Council of Thirteen. [28]
Reminiscences and Regrets Detlef Sierck Memoirs [4a]
Rites of the Ancient Grove Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Taal [3h]
Romulus and Brunhilde Magnus Opperheim Play To flee or not to Flee. Act IV, Scene III [13c]
Sigmar, Emperor! Sighardt Schneider-Koller Poetry In Reikdorf Town did Sigmar stand and great Empire of Man found he. There Reik, the bless'ed river, swell'd. Upon whose banks all great men dwell'd and would for etern'ty [39]
Sixth Book of Secrets Kaladhtoir of Clar Karond Magic Only by the divine will of the Witch King is a Druchii allowed to study the high art of magic. It is the vitality and power of our magic which sustains us, destroys our enemies and empowers our Black Arks [21a]
Sternschau's Astronomical Records Astronomy Being a Guide of the Mysterious Phenomena of Nighte Sky [20]
Summa Magica Various Contributors Magical Theory Printed in 2503 IC [10b]
Tales of the Albatross Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Manann [3b]
Taxtiqua Antixlia Zquixiwizi Military The tactics of the Old Ones as ordered by Lord Tlazpoc on the First day of the rising of Copac. [36]
Teutognengeshichte Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Ulric [3i]
The 1000 Shanties Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Manann [3b]
The Art of Aethyric Attunement Klaus Schwarzhelm Magic Worth several hundred Gold Crowns to a wizard. [5b]
The Art of Statecraft Gossippa Lotta History A collection of advice, experiences, titbits of gossip and anecdotes from the author who went on campaign with a variety of mercenary generals. Highly regarded by many mercenaries. [8]
The Art of the Siege Albrecht of Tisenbreck Military If the battlements are carried, throw all your strength there! Such an advantage is always dearly won. [14b]
The Bestiarum Johannes Kruegar Bestiary Published by Verennian Press in 1509 IC. [15a]
The Book of Doorways Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Morr [3c]
The Book of Isha History Ancient Elvish tome, pre-dating the Phoenix Kings describing the origin of the World and the arrival of the Old Ones [30a]
The Book of Green Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Taal [3h]
The Book of Runic Mastery Dortmund Klauser Magic A proscribed book which details the secrets of creating runes - Dwarf's consider this to be stolen knowledge and hunt down anyone in possession of a copy. [9a]
The Book of Sigmar Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Sigmar [3g]
The Book of Suffering Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Shallya [3f]
The Book of Swords Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Verena [3j]
The Book of Valaya Religion A sacred tome of the Dwarf Ancestor Goddess [30a]
The Book of War Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Myrmidia [3d]
The Cantos of Macadamnus Macadamnus of Greill Prophercy In the city of his sisters he will return to us on wings of fire. From his throne be shall reign in incorruptible flesh forever - Verse CXXVl [26]
The Chronicler of Ostermark History In temples throughout our land the multitudes gather to bear of the many and wondrous events that will surely unfold upon the return to his people of the living god. - entry for the year 1999 [26]
The Condensed History of the Empire Bertram Lehrer History A Work Being for Students, Travellers and Those of The Heathen Lands [19]
The Desolate Prisoner of Karak Kadrin Jacopo Tarradasch Play A play about the plight of the imprisoned Baron Trister. All the Old World is our stage, though we are merely Slayers. Act IV, Scene IV [1][4a][13c]
The Dwarfen Art of War Berndt Lavaspear Military Arrows are useless against a castle - you can only win by using heavy wall-breaching equipment, which is why dwarfs are the superior race in siege warfare. [14c] [29a]
The Emperor of Nippon Guillibert and Soloman Music A Opera. [3a]
The Empire at War Blucher von Vincke‎‎ Warfare A discussion of five important battles in the history of the Empire and lessons that can be learnt from them. [18]
The Founding of Naggaroth Furion History A guide for a young Druchii of the "truth" behind the Sundering. [21b]
The Genius of General von Vincke Wilhelm Bleck Warfare A discussion of the important battles of the general, Blucher von Vincke‎‎. [18]
The Glorios adventures of Gunter Friesheimt Gunter Friesheimt Biography [8]
The Great Grafs of Middenheim History Childrens history book, includes the tale of Graf Mandred the Ratslayer and the Incredible Cheese" which references a version of the Skaven as giant rats killed by the Graf. [11b]
The Great Joke Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Ranald [3e]
The Geistbuch Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Sigmar [3g]
The Hand of Glory and its Properties Necromancy A treatise on the undead and Necromancy [33a]
The House of von Konigswald de Selincourt History Contains a very flattering portrait of a young Crown Prince Oswald. [1]
The Jelleba Fragments Adventure An Arabyan story of adventure amongst the Lizardmen of the Southlands [30a]
The Life of Sigmar History [18]
The Loves of Ottokar and Myrmidia Jacopo Tarradasch Play Concerning the obsessive love of the tyrant Ottokar for Myrmidia and who commits several bloody deeds with the most noble of intentions. A well known quote is One does what one must, for those one loves, regardless of the consequences (act II, scene six). [1][4b]
The Memoirs of Kappelmeister Barshai Barshai Memoirs Stories of Tzar Alexis by his court composer, includes mention of the Viol of Fieromonte. [22a]
The Murderous Culture and Religious Practices of the Accursed Eaves-Dwelling Greenskins Nordland scholar Stefan Ellendan Forest Goblins and Spiders Published by Salzenmund University Press in 2499 IC, interviews survivors of Forest Goblin raids and includes details on enormous spiders. [38]
The Nehekharan Diaspora History Written by vampires, it tells the story of Nagash and Neferata. [16a]
The Plague Years Wilfried Schtutt Play Published in 1853 IC by Altdorf Press. [15a]
The Poison Feast and Other Legends Claudia Wieltse History [1]
The Rats of Hammstat Detlef Sierck Music A comic opera. [11a]
The Riddles Ten Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Ranald [3e]
The Saga of Sigmar Church of Sigmar Religion [18]
The Strange History of Dr. Zheikhill and Mr. Chaida Detlef Sierck Play Desperate times make desperate men and it is these times that doth move our hands the better, Act III, Scene IV [13c]
The Testiment of Pergunda Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Shallya [3f]
The Testiments of Sigmar Various Religion A collection of stories and memories of those who had known Sigmar in life, warriors and citizens alike. Considered one of the holiest works in the Empire and held at the Monastery of the Holy Word west of Altdorf [3k]
The Tragedy of Oswald Detlef Sierck Play Tells the story of the fall of the Great Enchanter and Prince Oswald and the triumph of the author and his vampire lover. [1]
The Tribulation of Averheim Anonymous History A grete black storm appear’d over the citie of the Averheim’ when ‘a host of frogges and lizards came from the heavens. [30a]
The True History of Sigmar Detlef Sierck Play ..and he struck off his head., Act III, Scene V [13c]
The Tyranny of Lord Zhul History Classical translation of a Elf text which itself was traslated from Saurian [30a]
The Ulric Creed Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Ulric [3i]
The Witch Hunter's Handbook Kasper von Liebenstien [18]
Thernodies of the Raven Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Morr - Thernodies are funeral songs or poems of lamentation. [3c]
Tome of Summer's Path Religion A popular holy book of the Cult of Taal [3h]
To My Unchanging Lady Detlef Sierck Poetry A cycle of sonnets to his lover Genevieve Dieudonné [4a]
Treatis Necris Gottlieb the Stern Necromancer [13d]
Treatise on the Proper Conduct of the Defenders of the Faith Aglim Religion Written by the Arch-Lector, the High Priest of Sigmar [11b]
Twenty Three Postulates on Magical Thought Gavius Klugge Magic A work by a Wizard of the Grey Order discussing his thoughts on the connection between magic and religion. [19]
Vampires and Their Kin Maximillian Sommers Bestiary Written by a member of the Raven Knights for others of that Order, it is hard for anyone else to obtain. [2]
Von Vinckes Victories Warfare Published by Altdorf Press and celebrating the battles of Blucher von Vincke‎‎. [18]
War and Warfare of the Empire Warfare A huge book. [31a]

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