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This is a list of all characters that are Dragons


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Li Dao Cathay Dragon Dragon Master of the Burning Winds, the Fire Dragon of Grand Cathay
Miao Ying Cathay Dragon Dragon The Storm Dragon, Supreme Matriarch of Nan-Gau, Master of the Storm Winds and Daughter of the Dragon Emperor.
Quay-Yin Cathay Dragon Dragon She dwells in the Celestial City above Wei-Jin, contemplating the destiny of the empire of Cathay with her husband.
Shen-Zoo Cathay Dragon Dragon Bringer of Light and Hope.
Shiyama Cathay Dragon Dragon The Spirit Dragon.
Xen Yang Cathay Dragon Dragon He dwells in the Celestial City above Wei-Jin, contemplating the destiny of the empire of Cathay with his wife.
Yin-Yin Cathay Dragon Dragon Mistress of the Jade Sea, the Sea Dragon of Grand Cathay .
Yuan Bo Cathay Dragon Dragon Lord of the Central Provinces and Administrator of the Realm.
Zhao Ming Cathay Dragon Dragon The Iron Dragon, ruler of the Western Provinces and Lord of Shang-Yang.
Bracchus Dark Elves Dragon Dragon Dragon owned by Rakarth.
Mauldekorr Dark Elves Sea Dragon Dragon He was a an ally of the Dark Elves and was possessed of an unending hatred of all Dwarfs. He destroyed and ate the ship carrying the King and heir of the Dwarf stronghold of Barak Varr.
Seraphon Dark Elves Black Dragon Dragon Mount of Malekith.
Sulekh Dark Elves Black Dragon Dragon She was said to be "the greatest of the black dragons" and described by prince Finudel of Ellyrion as "the largest dragon I have ever seen.
Deathfang Dogs of War Asarnil's mount Dragon The personal mount of the mercenary Asarnil the Dragonlord.
Anaegnir High Elves Dragon Dragon A Dragon.
Draukhain High Elves Dragon Dragon Bonded to Prince Imladrik, Master of Dragons during the War of the Beard.
Indraugnir High Elves Dragon Dragon He befriended Aenarion, first Phoenix King of the High Elves, and offered to carry Aenarion on his back into battle.
Kardraghnir High Elves Dragon Dragon A Dragon.
Maedrethnir High Elves Dragon Dragon The son of Indraugnir, a red dragon who served Phoenix King Caledor I as a mount.
Minaithnir High Elves Dragon Dragon Dragon of Imrik.
Naemirinir High Elves Dragon Dragon A dragon.
Symiel High Elves Dragon Dragon A dragon bonded to Prince Yrellian.
Vranesh High Elves Dragon Dragon A female dragon bonded to Liandra, Princess of Caledor during the Time of Legends
Imperial Dragon The Empire Karl Franz's Mount Dragon A Dragon that was found as a egg and raised in the Imperial Zoo. Only Karl Franz can ride it.
Baudros Warriors of Chaos Egrimm's mount Chaos Dragon Chaos Dragon mount of Egrimm van Horstmann.
Galrauch Warriors of Chaos Chaos Dragon Chaos Dragon The first of the Chaos Dragons.
Ceithin-Har Wood Elves Sisters of Twilight' Mount Dragon The draconic mount of the legendary heroes of the Athel Loren, the Sisters of Twilight.
Draugnir Unaligned Dragon Dragon One of the known Father of Dragons.
Kalgalanos the Black Unaligned Ancestor Dragon Dragon Legendary father of all Dragons.
Malathrax Unaligned Dragon Dragon The Mighty. Slain by Markus Wulfhart.
Malgrimace Unaligned Dragon Dragon Whose claw is now used by Bretonnians as a talisman.
Malicuer Unaligned Dragon Dragon The Firewyrm known as the destroyer of the Fortress of Leucreal.
Malifex Unaligned Dragon Dragon Slain by Duke Beligulf Fearnought
Mascar Unaligned Dragon Dragon The Great. Slain by Emperor Hündrod the Furious
Mergaste Unaligned Dragon Dragon Slain by King Guillaume.
Omdra the Dread Unaligned Nightmare Dragon Dragon A ancient Nightmare Dragon that haunts the Plain of Bone and is an enemy of the Chaos Dwarfs.
Ostermark Ice Dragon Unaligned Dragon Dragon Slain by Markus Wolfhart.
Smearghus Unaligned Dragon Dragon Slain by Gilles le Breton.
Ymirdrak Unaligned Frost Dragon Dragon A dragon in the Mountains of Mourn that froze an entire tribe of Ogres and devoured them at its leisure.
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