List of Flesh-Eater Courts characters/Mordant

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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Flesh-Eater Courts factions. For a list of all units see: List of characters of the Mortal Realms.

For the Sub-Lists see:


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Urglom Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Haunter Mordant Urglom was a mortal hero of the Spryglass Warrens in the Realm of Ulgu. When Chaos Daemons invaded he only survived by fleeing into the dark depths and deep tunnels and whilst he resisted the call of the Dark Gods to survive he preyed upon anything that ventured into his domain. Later he fell under the influence of a Abhorrant Ghoul King Gloomheart and in time his service earned him the transformation into a Crypt Haunter and he rose still further, being granted the title of Lord Liverbelch, the overseer of the Abattoir.