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Gotrek Gurnisson

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Felix Jaeger

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Snorri Nosebiter

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Malakai Makaisson

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Ulrika Magdova

A Kislevite noblewoman and the daughter of march-boyar Ivan Petrovich Straghov, Gotrek and Felix first encountered Ulrika in Middenheim on the first leg of the dwarfen airship Spirit of Grungni's voyage into the Chaos Wastes. A passenger on the airship returning home to Kislev, Ulrika was a source of fascination to Felix, who soon became enamoured of her. This put him at odds with Max Schreiber, who also harboured feelings for her. While staying at the Straghov manse in Kislev Feilx and Ulrika began a love affair, sleeping together on Felix's last night before departure. Ulrika remained behind in Kislev while Felix journeyed into the Wastes, and during this time Max unsuccessfully attempted to gain her affection. When the manse was attacked by skaven led by Grey Seer Thanquol Ulrika fought valiantly to defend her home but was overpowered and captured along with the rest of her people. Managing to escape she freed her father and Max, who were able to organize a counter-attack and defeat the skaven. She was reunited with Felix after the battle, her feelings for him were complicated by the fact that he was now a part of her life for the foreseeable future.

Strong-willed and independent like all her people Ulrika was unused to relationships that existed other than for physical pleasure and her time with Felix was characterized by passionate lovemaking, bitter arguments and emotional confusion. She accompanied him south in the Spirit of Grungni to the Slayer keep of Karak Kadrin from whence she was to depart to bring warning to the Tzarina of Kislev of the huge Chaos army marching south but decided to stay with him on the quest to slay the Chaos-dragon Skjalandir. Her companions Oleg and Standa were both killed in the battle against orcs and bandits that followed the dragon's death but she herself survived along with most of the group. After the battle she was able to carry out her duty and warn the Tzarina of the imminent Chaos threat before accompanying the others to Praag, where she fell ill with a Chaos plague and was only cured thanks to Max's exhausting effort to purge her body with magic.

Maximilian Schreiber

Maximilian 'Max' Schreiber is an Imperial wizard who has dedicated his life to combating Chaos and sometime adventuring companion of Gotrek and Felix. Sworn to oppose Chaos since the death of his family at the hands of beastmen, Max was kicked out of the Imperial College of Wizardry for what was considered an unhealthy interest in Chaos, despite his arguments that to effectively combat Chaos one must know their enemy.

Serving as an advisor to the Elector-Count of Middenheim Max first met Borek Forkbeard, an elderly dwarf who was planning an expedition into the Chaos Wastes. Some years later when Borek's plans came together Max boarded the airship Spirit of Grungni and travelled aboard it to Kislev, where he cast powerful protective enchantments over the vessel to defend it from the affects of Chaos during its journey. While aboard the airship Max first met Felix and Gotrek, and became Felix's rival for the attentions of Ulrika. Though handsome and intelligent, he was unable to win Ulrika over.

Max stayed behind at the manse of Ivan Petrovich Straghov during the Spirit of Grungni's journey over the Wastes and was there when the manse was attacked by skaven. Imprisoned and beaten, Max was freed by Ulrika and was able to use his magic to combat skaven Grey Seer Thanquol, who was attempting to steal the returning airship with powerful Warp sorcery. After the battle Max joined the party aboard the airship and travelled with them to Karak Kadrin, the Slayer Keep, and accompanied the mixed group of humans and Slayers on the quest to slay the dragon Skjalandir, though he admitted to himself that this was mainly so he could stay near Ulrika. During a goblin ambush in the mountains Max was able to use more powerful magic that he had before and came to realize that his abilities were growing through use in combat. Surviving the battle with the dragon and the clash between orcs and bandits that followed Max stayed on the airship as it travelled to Praag, where he joined in the defence of the city against the Chaos horde. There he was able to provide knowledge of Chaos magic to the defenders and cure Ulrika of a plague spread by the followers of Nurgle.

Otto Jaeger

Otto is Felix's brother, a prosperous merchant with a wife and children living in Nuln. He chose to become part of the family business, Jaeger & Sons, as opposed to Felix who is often regarded as the 'black sheep' of the family.

When Gotrek and Felix arrive in Nuln for the first time after their early adventures Otto is willing to help Felix out, though sometimes grudgingly. He bails the pair out of jail after they are arrested for assaulting the captain of the sewer watch, refers Felix and Elissa to Doctor Drexler when they fall ill and pays the doctor's bills. Shortly before the skaven invasion of the city Felix warns Otto and his wife that they should leave, but Otto decides to stay and prospers during the years afterwards when Gotrek and Felix are away adventuring. When Felix and Otto are reunited many years later Otto shows himself to be still supportive of his runaway brother, though sceptical of his adventures, the accounts of which are being published through their father's company as entertaining novels. During their second period together Felix and Otto's relationship deteriorates, Felix's investigations into a Chaos cult endangering Otto and his family. After the death of their father Otto is enraged to see Felix once more, though Felix is able to make some recompense by tracking down a man named Hans who is blackmailing Otto with a letter supposedly detailing illegal trade their father was involved in.


Katerina is a young woman of the provincial Empire. The daughter of Justine, a former servant at the local castle who fled into the wild after being raped by the lord's son, she bears the same white stripe in her hair as her mother. When she was just a child her village was razed by beastmen, who inexplicably spared her because of her hair. Gotrek and Felix, following the trail of the herd responsible for the destruction, found her amongst the ruins and took her to the nearest town, which they helped defend against the beastmen. The beastmen were led by Justine herself, who had become a Chaos Champion devoted to Khorne using the hatred she felt after her rape and had returned to take revenge on her rapist, conquering his castle with her beastmen and impaling him on the bed where he forced her. The beastmen attack on the town was ultimately thwarted when Katerina herself stabbed her mother from behind, preventing her from killing Felix. Though she begged to come with them, Gotrek and Felix left her behind as they continued on their adventures.

Years later Katerina crossed paths with the duo again as they undertook a quest in the northern Empire so Felix could earn his sword back. Now a young woman and skilled fighter devoted to killing beastmen, Katerina was able to help them in their battle against a vast herd of the mutated beasts and after some persuasion took Felix, whom she had always admired, as her lover. She now accompanies the pair on their adventures.

Grey Seer Thanquol

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Lhoigor Goldenrod & Kelmain Blackstaff

Kelmain and Lhoigor are twin albino Chaos sorcerers devoted to Tzeentch. Born after their human mother from a Chaos-worshipping tribe lay with a daemon, the pair were taken away by their tribe's leader and inducted into the ways of Chaos magic. After achieving great power they travelled the Old World in secret, studying mankind and gaining more knowledge of magic. After returning to the Chaos Wastes they selected Chaos Warlord Arek Daemonclaw as their pawn, aiding him in gaining power and a massive following so he could conquer the Old World in the name of Chaos. They also used their magic to awaken and mutate the dragon Skjalandir, which caused much damage before being slain by Felix. However, Arek became increasingly arrogant and dismissive of their advice, launching a mass siege of Praag earlier than they advised. Using their powerful magic to summon an army of daemons the twins aided Arek's siege until after breaking into the city his troops ran rampant and all order broke down, leading the twins to abandon Arek's cause shortly before his defeat and death.

Minor Characters

Mannfred von Dhiel The young nephew of a dispossessed baron, Gotrek and Felix met Mannfred when they signed on as caravan guards protecting von Dhiel's people as they travelled through the Border Princes. A secret devotee of Chaos, Mannfred used arcane magic to animate the corpses of the dead as the caravan passed through their barrows, leading to an attack in which many people were killed. Having failed to kill his uncle, Mannfred was later successful when he murdered his entire remaining family during a goblin attack on an old fort his people had settled. Among his victims was Kirsten, Felix's first true love, and Felix slew Mannfred in revenge for her death.

Kirsten A young peasant girl of the people of the exiled Baron von Dhiel, Kirsten was Felix's first love when he and Gotrek signed on as caravan guards with the von Dhiel following. Felix was going to break his oath to follow Gotrek so he could settle down with Kirsten, but their love was tragically ended when Kirsten was murdered by Mannfred von Dhiel.

Aldred Keppler A Templar of the Knights of the Fiery Heart, Keppler joined Gotrek and Felix for their expedition beneath Karak Eight-Peaks. Though a brave and skilled fighter, Keppler's desire to posses the rune-sword Karaghul was his undoing when, rushing forward to claim it from a pile of Dwarfen treasure, he was beheaded by a mutated troll. The sword passed to Felix who took it after him and survived the fight.

Justine A female Champion of Chaos devoted to Khorne, hatred for her rapist led Justine down the path to Chaos and caused her to lead an army of beastmen against her former home. Her attack ultimately failed when her daughter Katerina stabbed her in the back with her own sword to prevent her from strangling Felix.

Heinz An old comrade of Gotrek's from their mercenary days, Heinz employed Gotrek and Felix as bouncers in his tavern, the Blind Pig, after they were kicked out of the Nuln sewer-watch. Still a fighter despite his age, Heinz led the defence of his tavern against skaven gutter-runner assassins and later led a group of mercenaries in the Battle of Nuln.

Elissa A tavern girl from the Blind Pig, Elissa began sleeping with Felix after he rescued her from some thugs. Ultimately unfaithful, she left Felix after her former lover Hans came to the city and fled with him prior to the skaven invasion, stealing most of Felix's money before she left.

Lurk Snitchtongue A minor skaven squad-leader, Lurk became a pawn in Grey Seer Thanquol's games when the seer forced him to openly mock Chang Squik for his failure to kill Gotrek and Felix. Becoming Thanquol's lackey, Lurk was able to warn Thanquol of plots by Heskit One-eye, Vilebroth Null and Izak Grottle which may have undermined his authority. Thanquol used Lurk several times to send cryptic warnings to Gotrek and Felix, warning them of his rival's plans in the hopes that they would either foil them or die in the attempt. Eventually caught by the other leaders, Lurk was forced to turn Thanquol's own tactic against him, bringing warning to Felix of Thanquol's planned attack on the palace. Pursued by Felix, Lurk's flight was mistaken by the skaven soldiery as the signal to begin the invasion of Nuln. Surviving the ensuing battle, Lurk remained Thanquol's lackey and led half of his force in the Battle of the Lonely Tower, during which he stowed away aboard the Dwarfen airship Spirit of Grungni where he later acted as Thanquol's spy in his attempt to steal the airship. Caught on the exposed gasbag of the airship during a warp-storm, Lurk was mutated by the storm's power, becoming much larger and stronger and developing extra weapons. Escaping the airship during Thanquol's failed attempt to capture it, Lurk accompanied Thanquol as he fled across the grasslands of Kislev and was captured alongside him by Chaos outriders. Brought before twin wizards Kelmain and Lhoigor, the Chaos sorcerers informed Lurk of the nature of his mutation and revered him as one of Tzeentch's chosen. Later imprisoned with Thanquol by Clan Moulder in their underground base Hell Pit Lurk escaped his captors and, his intelligence developing along with his body, led a rebellion against the Moulder overseers that was only thwarted when the Moulder elders came to Thanquol for help countering it. Lurk's fate after Arek Demonclaw's siege of Praag is unknown.

Fritz von Halstadt The head of Elector-Countess Emmanuelle of Nuln's secret police. Utterly dedicated to rooting out mutants and Chaos-supporters from the city, Fritz adopted a 'lesser of two evils' attitude and used skaven allies to gather intelligence. This, plus his secret love for the Countess, allowed the skaven to manipulate him into arresting and executing strong figures who would hinder the skaven's planned invasion of the city. His corruption ultimately uncovered by Gotrek and Felix, the duo broke into his house through the sewers and Felix slew him a duel.

Heskit One-eye The leader of the Clan Skryre delegation within the skaven army gathered to conquer Nuln. Heskit led a nocturnal raid on the College of Engineering which was thwarted by Gotrek and Felix. Surviving the raid Heskit continued to lead the Clan Skryre forces until his death in the Battle of Nuln when a burning building collapsed on him.

Vilebroth Null The leader of the Clan Pestilens delegation within the skaven army gathered to conquer Nuln. Null and his plague-monks brewed a plague in the Cauldron of a Thousand Poxes deep within the Gardens of Morr, but were found out by Gotrek and Felix who slew all bar Null himself and destroyed the cauldron. Despite this the plague spread, killing many in the city, but mutated to affect skaven as well, ravaging the army. Null was killed by Gotrek in the Battle of Nuln.

Izak Grottle The leader of the Clan Moulder delegation within the skaven army gathered to conquer Nuln. Inspired by his own voracious hunger, Grottle had his lackeys breed a strain of rats that would devour all of Nuln's food and breed out of control. Despite the initial deployment of the rats being foiled by Gotrek and Felix a few rats were accidentally released in the sewers, from where they infested both the city and the skaven tunnels beneath. Grottle survived the Battle of Nuln and returned to his Clan's base in Hell Pit, disgraced for his part in the failed invasion. When Grey Seer Thanquol was captured by Clan Moulder the elders sent Grottle to question him and through him learned of the imminent Chaos invasion.

Doctor Drexler A skilled and knowledgeable doctor from Nuln who studied medicine in Araby and possessed some skill with magic. Otto Jaeger sent Felix and tavern-girl Elissa to him when they fell ill, and he was able to reassure them that they only had colds. Drexler later became Felix's ally in investigating the skaven, accompanying him on a trip to the city morgue to determine the source of the plague and lending him old books detailing skaven society. During the Battle of Nuln Drexler was able to save both Felix and Gotrek's lives by using his magic to protect them from Grey Seer Thanquol's sorcerous attacks.

Varek Varigsson A young Dwarf and nephew to Borek Forkbeard, Gotrek and Felix first encountered Varek when he accompanied Snorri Nosebiter to the inn where they were to rendezvous. Varek explained his uncle's plan to the others and accompanied them to the Lonely Tower, where the Spirit of Grungni had been built. Varek fought alongside Felix during the Battle of the Lonely Tower, hurling explosive bombs into the skaven ranks with fearless glee. He journeyed with the others into the Chaos Wastes, treating the expedition like an exciting adventure and apparently uncaring of the extreme danger they faced. Along with Snorri, Gotrek and Felix, Varek descended into the ruins of Karag Dum and fought in the battle of the throne room against the beastmen led by the Bloodthirster, using a gattling gun lent to him by Malakai Makaisson. Remarkably Varek survived the battle without serious injury and was aboard the airship for the return journey when it was attacked by the Chaos dragon Skjalandir. Piloting one of the airship's four Gyrocopters against the dragon Varek quickly saw that the Dwarfen weapons were ineffective against it and sacrificed his life to fly his gyrocopter into the dragon's flank, badly injuring it with the aircraft's spinning blades and payload of explosive bombs.