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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Swifthawk Agents faction. For a list of all units see: List of characters of the Mortal Realms.

For the Sub-Lists see:


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Aedarys Swifthawk Agents Spireguard Aelf A Watch Master belonging to the Guardians of the Dawnspire.
Aethrian Swifthawk Agents Skycutter with three agents Aelf The Aelf comander of a Skycutter from Phoenicium.
Gossamon Swifthawk Agents Unknown Aelf Of the Winged Helm. At the beginning of the Time of Tribulations, Anvilgard's agents are tasked with locating Lord-Ordinator Varangenesis, the scouts are led by Gossamon who dies from poisoned wounds after a successful engagement with a much larger force of Slaaneshi cavalry.
Ilnarion Swifthawk Agents High Warden Aelf The High Warden of the Guardians of the Dawnspire, responsible for guarding the tower and its objects within.
Thindrael Anyaerios Swifthawk Agents Skycutter Ranger Aelf A ranger posted to Highcrater Watch in the Jade Kingdom of Verdantia.