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The following is a list of Witch Hunters, members of the Templars of Sigmar.


  • Witch Hunter General Jan van Damm cleansed Fortress Rothermayer in Sylvania [1].
  • Arch-Templar Dyre wrote books about the Apocalypse.[2]


  • Grand Master Fahlenberg was the leader of the order until 1121.[3]
  • Hans Fuerbach decreed that the use of hammers for non holy work is heresy in 1115. He is found building an execution scaffold to enforce this with a T-shaped piece of wood and his Captains hang him from it. [4]


  • Thaddeus Gamow was ranked as the Lord Protector [5]
  • Magnus Gault is known for tracing the corruption infecting townships in the empire to its water source with his Greatsword and Dwarf companions where the Skaven were infecting it with Warpstone. He puts to the torch the infected hometown of the Greatsword Hans Vogel, who regretfully helps him do this. They are later joined by the dwarf survivor Vargni Valhirsson. [6]
  • Heldebrandt Grimm was ranked Lord Protector at in 2525. He meticulously examined all of the members of the Gold Order after Balthasar Gelt's betrayal.


  • Witch Hunter General Johann van Hal was a dark and grim man, whose only enthusiasm in life was for burning those who practice magic. He was possibly the most famous of the Witch Hunters around the End Times, and slew the vampire lord Gunther von Bloodfel and purged the haunted castle of the Reikwald. He shared the name of the ancient Necromancer Vanhal and his family seek to atone for there ancestors misdeeds in service to the Order of Sigmar as Witch Hunters. He wielded the Stake of Sigmar and was accompanied by the Sigmarite Priest Wilhelm Hasburg who carries the ancient tome The Hammer of Witches and a staff topped with the jawbone of an ox which Sigmar used to slay an army of Skaven.[8]
  • Gustav Heidelmann [9]
  • Joseph von Helhunten led Helhunten's Redeemers, a Stirland unit of Vampire Hunters.[11]
  • Johann Helstrum was named High Priest of Sigmar in 73 and was named head of the order. [12]
  • Reinhardt Holz killed the Warlock of Darckenburg, the Vampire of Morrfeld, and the Cult of the Purple Hand in Nuln. He was made Grand Master of the order in 1121.[13]
  • Hoschenfels was said to have burned a thousand proven witches and to have banished a hundred daemons. He wrote a book which can be a boost to a Witch Hunter's faith [14].


  • Richt Karver developed a way of torturing devotees of slaanesh. He would give them a potion which numbs all pain, and then the absence of feeling whilst he tortured his victims would cause the masochists to confess secrets. [15]
  • Wolfgart Krieger, personal friend of Sigmar was asked to found the order after the terror of Nagash. Wolfgart was charged by Sigmar defend the realm against all forms of magic in -30. Wolfgart, knowing that this was a task for more than just himself, founded the Order of the Silver Hammer, known commonly today as the Witch Hunters. [16]


  • Matthias was the name of an old and spineless Witch Hunter filled with hot air. He had a good oratory but disliked the Mercenary Commander Morgan Benhardt. "I am the surgeon of sin. I cut it out wherever I find it. Where there are witches I seek them out and burn them. Any Sorcerers I find, I prolong thier torture until death. [...] No sinner escapes my righteous Wrath" - Matthias on his calling in life. [17]


  • Zacharia Schmundt was a Witch Hunter who had some success in laying siege to the enemies of Sigmar.


  • Matthias Thulmann has fought against enemies across the empire, a violent individual he has to balance his conscience with his unforgiving duty. The man is husband to a murdered wife and father to a mudered child. He is accompanied by his less than hygienic companion Streng and has also been accompanied by a member of the Black Guard of Morr. Of note, they pair hunted Herr Doktor Weisch, a mad scientist who claims naive individuals seeking medical aid as subjects for his warp-stone driven experiments and leaving a trail of allies, enemies and destruction in his wake. Whilst tracking the individual they have confronted zombie hordes, Necrarch Vampires, a Necromancer, a Greater Daemon of Nurgle, hordes of Skaven, including powerful the grey seers and a Vermin Lord. [18]

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