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Titles The Shadow Dancer,
Type God
Affiliation Elves

Loec, the dancer of the shadows, is the Elven god of laughter, tricks, and dance in the Warhammer World, who does many of the same things as Liadriel.

Elven legends tell that he often frees the elves' souls from the hands of the Gods of Chaos using funny tricks. However Loec also has a dark side: he is a god of shadows, night, vengeance, malicious tricks and Dark Magic. Though he fights for Elven souls, it is hard to say about him that he is good or even neutral. [1a]

Loec is often depicted as a lithely-built Elf, his face hidden in perpetual shade. He dances often among the shadows, ready to leap out and play one of his tricks upon both mortal and god, whether for good or evil. Loec's followers are often identified by the rune of Arhain worn around their necks, or engraved upon the hilts of their knives. [1a]

While the worshippers of Loec have no true temples, they may have personal shrines within their homes. Due to his very nature, he is most often associated with the wandering Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe. These warriors look upon his aid in traversing their lands and waylaying their foes. He is also paid tribute to during festival time, being a god of dance. [1a]

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