Long Drong

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Long Drong
From Grimnir's Halls I'll shoot at ye, ye bastard!

~ Long Drong.[2a]

Long Drong (or Long Drong Slayer) is an infamous dwarf Slayer, Pirate and mercenary leader. He heads Long Drong's Slayer Pirates.[1]


He is descended from Drong the Hard[1a] and gained his name due to his "great" height.[2a]

Born in Barak Varr, he worked his way up the ranks until he commanded a trading ship, The Barrel of Ale, but it was wrecked near Sartosa and its cargo of rare dwarf ale was lost. He and his crew who had survived were shamed and became Slayers, fighting across the seven seas.[1a][2a]

They stormed the stronghold of Capitano Sisicco, taking his ship and treasure and used the latter to refit the vessel to proper dwarf standards, renaming it The Fair Fregar after a famous maiden of his home port-hold.[1a]

Long Drong and his Slayers travelled to many lands including Albion, Araby and Lustria, fighting and looting other pirate and corsair vessels and strongholds.[1a]. They became expert hunters of sea monsters in the process, and The Fair Fregar accumulated various scars and trophies from the beasts it has hunted. These hunts had had a significant mark on Long Drong himself, who lost a hand to a Lurkerfish, a leg to a Sea Drake, and an eye to a bet. As he ages, Drong realizes that he will not be able to keep up the hunt forever, and often falls into morose spells as he feels his doom slipping away from him.[2a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • WFRP 4th: Hook, 12 Pistols, Sword.[2a]


He has lost a hand to a Lurkerfish, a leg to Sea drake and a eye in a bet. His hand has been replaced with a large hook.[2a]


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